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Cloudburst (2011)

CastLuke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard, Robert Musgrave, Terry Crews, Anthony Campos, David Herman, Sonny Castillo, Kevin McAfee, Michael McCafferty
Year released2011
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Blog entry

Stella asks her partner Dotty, “Did they, uh, give you any pain killers?”
Dotty: “There’ll be no more vodka Vicodins for you. Ativan Amaretto, actually.” (0:08)

Dotty tells Stella, referring to Dotty’s nursing home roommate Wilma, “She’s a druggie... They put her to sleep with a horse tranquilizer.”
Stella: ”They put you in with a crazy person?” (0:18)

Dotty tells hitchhiker Prentice, “She’s obsessed.”
Stella: “I am not obsessed.” (0:26)

Dotty: “Yeah, but I know that you’re paranoid.”
Stella: “Was I paranoid when the cops came to the house, held me down, and took you away?” (0:29)

Stella asks motorist Arnold, “What, are you crazy?” (0:33)

A border services officer asks Prentice, “Whose drugs are these?”
Another officer asks Stella, “Why are you carrying drugs across the border?”
Stella: “I don’t know anything about his drugs.” (0:39)

Prentice tells Dotty, “Yeah, well, it would have been fine, but you see we still had your drugs in the truck”
“She told them they were my drugs”
“‘Cause she tells them I’m carrying somebone else’s drugs.” (0:42)

Stella tells Prentice, “There are plenty of days when, if all I had to live for was the there and then, I would have blown my own head off.” (1:01)

Dotty tells Stella, “Ah, you’re drunk.” (1:04)

Stella holds Dotty after she has died. (1:25)

Funeral for Dotty in a cemetery. (1:26)

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