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Clouds of Sils Maria

Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart, Chloë Grace Moretz, Lars Eidinger, Johnny Flynn, Brady Corbet, Hanns Zischler, Angela Winkler, Nora von Waldstätten
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Her assistant Valentine tells actress Maria, referring to Gwen, “She said that she’s gonna take the X-Men thing off of IMDB.” (0:02)

Valentine holds a note for Maria to see, referring to the filmmaker: “Wilhelm has died.” (0:06)

Urs tells Maria, “You know, here in Switzerland we are not big on public displays of anything, especially grief.” (0:11)

Maria tells director Klaus, referring to a character, “She falls head over heals in love with a girl who doesn’t love her and leads to her suicide.”
Referring to actress Susan, ”I’ve always associated her death with Helena’s suicide.” (0:26)

Maria tells actor Henryk, ‘I’m already drunk, darling.” (0:34)

Maria tells Valentine, “I’m confused... Wilhelm’s death, mourning.” (0:36)

His widow Rosa tells Maria, “This is where Wilhelm killed himself.” (0:38)

Maria tells Valentine, “My intuition told me that it was far more valuable than desire.” (0:43)

Valentine tells Maria, referring to actor Andrew, “He broke up with her because she wouldn’t stop getting wasted...”
Referring to actress Jo-Ann, “She went to rehab to get out of doing time.”
Maria: “Well, you just said she was a self-destructive crazy girl.”
”I don’t see what’s so cool about... getting wasted out of your mind...” (0:45)

Talk show host asks Jo-Ann, “You were fired from the Forbidden Planet remake.”
”... after your DUI arrest, your studio canceled the contract.”
”So let’s imagine you were arrested for a DUI...”
Jo-Ann: “I did get arrested on a DUI...”
”... and their hypothetical bat shit crazy response would have cost them...”
Host: “So will you be appearing on the remake for Forbidden Planet?” (0:48)

Jo-Ann answers a reporter, referring to Maria: “She’s gonna play the older woman, and I will play the one who drives her to a suicide.” (0:50)

Maria tells Valentine, referring to character Helena, “This poor woman is ready to kill herself before the play even starts.”
Valentine: “Helena nervously crosses and uncrosses her legs...” (0:54)

Jo-Ann’s character in a scene from a science fiction movie, “Because I am madly in love with him.”
Another character tells Jo-Ann’s, “You’re crazy.” (1:06)

Maria tells Valentine, “I have a hard time taking bimbos in astronaut suits mouthing off some generic pop psychology seriously.”
Valentine: “This impossible love for Sargon, the alliance’s worst enemy, leads her to betrayal and madness.” (1:09)

Maria tells Valentine, “I have disdain for those characters and their cartoonish psychology, but she doesn’t.” (1:12)

Valentine reads character Sigrid’s lines: “Yes, I accepted a job in Tokyo, a pharmaceutical lab.” (1:23)

Valentine tells Maria, “I think mine is just confusing you.” (1:26)

Jo-Ann tells her novelist boyfriend Chris, “Romantic music is so sad and depressing.” (1:28)

Valentine lights a joint and gives it to Maria. (1:36)

Klaus tells Maria, referring to Chris’s wife, “Dorothea tried to commit suicide.” (1:43)

Klaus tells Maria, “I’m confused.” (1:45)