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Cocaine Angel

Jamie Dawson, Damian Lahey, Kelly Forester
cocaine | crack cocaine
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Cocaine addict Scott appears to retrieve some drug residue from the remnant of a plastic bag and rubs it on his gums with his finger. With a syringe he draws liquid from a mug. He prepares a metal spoon, rolls up his sleeve, and using his necktie as a tourniquet, injects a vein in his arm. (0:02)

Scott looks at himself in the mirror. "There's nothing wrong." (0:05) Might we call this denial?

Scott asks user Sandra and her male friend Joey, "You guys got any f***ing coke?" Sandra appears to be dividing cocaine on a shiny metal tray. (0:13)

Scott purchases a drug from dealer Sonny. (0:16)

Scott unwraps a plastic bag containing white powder. (0:17)

Scott's friend Mary smokes a crack pipe. (0:21, 0:40)

In the bathroom Scott removes a necktie tourniquet from his arm. (0:30)

Scott purchases syringes at a drugstore. (0:35)

Hurricane Mike's neighbor tells Scott and Mary why Mike is in the hospital: "He took too many of them damn pills last night and almost killed himself." (0:38)

Hurricane Mike's wife Helen injects a vein in Scott's arm. (0:41)

Scott divides cocaine on a mirror with a razor and rubs some on his gums with a finger. Helen tells Scott, "I don't give a f**k about that crackhead." (0:42)

Hurricane Mike's dumps a bottle of unidentified pills in his mouth and washes them down with a drink. (0:48)

Mary smokes crack pipe then finds a prescription bottle in a purse. (0:53)

Scott examines the empty pill bottle. He cannot arouse Mary. (0:56)