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Cocaine: One Man's Seduction

Dennis Weaver, Karen Grassle, Pamela Bellwood
cocaine | cocaine freebase
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Real estate agent Eddie's friend Robin asks Eddie, "Toot?". She snorts cocaine from a vial with a spoon. (0:07)

Eddie's son Buddy asks Eddie, "What kind of drugs are you feeding to Dr. Mort?" (0:18)

Mortgage broker Bruce snorts cocaine with a spoon than offers some to Eddie: "It's not addictive." Eddie tries two snorts.
Bruce: "You can breathe Eddie. It's not grass." (0:23)

Bruce prepares cocaine lines on a mirror. Robyn and Bruce snort with straws. Bruce tells Eddie, "I handle loans. Shrinks are on the 5th floor. Toot?" (0:32)

Eddie snorts two lines. (0:34)

Eddie hides a packet of cocaine in a box then removes it and snorts some. (0:37)

Eddie uses cocaine while showing a house. (0:39)

Dentist Mort tells Eddie, "I'm a little depressed. That's all. Sleeping lousy." (0:40)

Eddie uses inhaler to snort cocaine. His wife Barbara finds him still working at 4:00 AM. (0:45)

Barbara tells Eddie, "Mort Broom tried to commit suicide."
Barbara: "What kind of a person tries to kill himself with a hunting rifle." (0:47)

Mort tells Eddie, "I've been doing very bad things. Cocaine. A lot of it." (0:49)

Eddie appears disoriented. (0:50)

Bruce prepares lines of cocaine on a mirror. (0:51)

Bruce snorts, then Eddie. (0:52)

Mort tells Eddie, "A lot of people feel strange when they know someone's a druggie... I'm seeing a shrink..." (0:54)

Eddie retrieves a packet of cocaine. (0:56)

While Bruce puts cocaine in a vial for Eddie, Robin objects, "He's not a casual tooter." (0:57)

Eddie takes delivery of large amount of cocaine, snorts some and says, "Good toot."
Intoxicated with Robin, Eddie says, "Right now I'm very loaded."
Robin: "It's not love. It's the drugs." (0:58)

Mort tells Eddie, "You're buzzing so loud I can hear you."
"I was writing prescriptions for pharmaceutical cocaine."
"I smoked freebase 30, 40 hours at a stretch... I wanted cocaine."
"I tried to kill myself."
"You paranoid?"
Eddie: "I'm not some kind of an addict."
Mort: "You're a drug abuser, just like me." (1:02)

"You've got me ready for the funny farm." (1:08)

Trying to snort Eddie drops his stash in the toilet. (1:10)

Eddie holds, stares at vial and snorts. His nose bleeds.
Eddie becomes defensive his boss Dan: "I don't know if it's head trips or what." (1:12)

Barbara confronts Buddy about drug she found in his things.
Eddie asks Buddy, "Why do you mess yourself up with dope?"
Buddy tells Eddie, "They cut the stuff with speed, lidocaine."
"Dad's got a drug problem..." (1:14)

Barbara asks Eddie, "When can we talk about this whole thing with the drugs?" (1:17)

Buddy tells Eddie, "There's more drugs around the school campus than you could find out on the street... I don't do drugs because I made the choice not to." (1:19)

Buddy tells Eddie, "I've seen guys get strung out." (1:20)

Eddie looks desperately for cocaine, finds a little. Eddie thinks there's someone outside. He asks his clients, "You got somebody watching me?" Eddie clutches his chest before collapsing on the floor. (1:25)

The emergency room doctor tells Barbara, "The dose wasn't lethal... Who knows with cocaine?"
"Your husband shows symptoms of cocaine poisoning... using a while... Frankly I'm surprised he didn't know he was overdosing. He should've known better... This isn't my first OD of the night... couldn't assimilate that much coke."
A police officer tells Buddy, referring to the doctor, "He's required by law to report drug OD's." (1:30)

The judge sentences Eddie to "mandatory drug rehabilitation... submit to random urinalysis... Any further involvement in drugs..." (1:32)