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Cold Turkey (2013)

Peter Bogdanovich, Ashton Holmes, Alicia Witt, Sonya Walger, Wilson Bethel, Cheryl Hines, Ross Partridge, Amy Ferguson
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TJ tells his wife Lindsay, "You seem nervous."
Lindsay, referring to her sister: ”Yeah, I’m nervous. Nina’s crazy.” (0:09)

One of the boys, referring to Nina, Lindsay and Jacob’s professor father Poppy Jim Turner: "Alright, now he’s drunk." (0:21)

Nina tells her law student half-brother Jacob, "... it is so crazy to me that you decided to do exactly the same thing that Poppy did..."
Nina: “Lindsay doesn’t drink...”
Referring to LIndsay: ”Yeah, she was a full-blown drunk at 16.”
Lindsay: ”Yeah, at least I didn’t date a... coke dealer from Oakland.”
Nina: ”Lee was not a coke dealer.” (0:24)

Lindsay tells Nina, "That’s from Star Wars." (0:33)

Poppy tells Lindsay, referring to her friend Dave, "I can’t keep paying for this guy’s drug addiction." (0:45)

Nina asks Missy, referring to Jacob, "Did you know that he wet the bed until he was like 15?"
Missy answers Jacob: ”Your horrible investment with our first house money, idiot.”
Poppy’s wife Deborah: ”Don’t call him an idiot.”
Nina tells Deborah, ”You hit me in the face.” (0:56)

Poppy tells Lindsay, Jacob and Nina, "I know I drink too much. I know I’m selfish sometimes."
Lindsay: ”This is so insane. It is so insane that you’re actually going to get away with this.”
Jacob tells Nina, ”You’re so crazy.”
Lindsay tells Jacob, referring to Nina, ”She’s... crazy.” (1:02)

Nina tells Jacob, "I think you should be more worried about that whole $228,000 debt thing, right about now."
”Never lose that insane confidence your insane mother gave you with her insane love.”
”You do just enough so that I look crazy, and the rest of you get to say, ‘Oh, there goes crazy Nina!’...”
”Your mother smacked me in the face when I was 16.” (1:08)

Lindsay tells Nina, "Don’t worry." (1:13)