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CastTom Cruise, Jamie Foxx, Jada Pinkett Smith, Mark Ruffalo, Peter Berg, Bruce McGill, Irma P. Hall, Barry Shabaka Henley, Richard T. Jones, Klea Scott, Bodhi Elfman, Debi Mazar, Javier Bardem, Emilio Rivera, Jamie McBride
Year released2004
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Cabbie Max tells hitman Vincent, “Less stress, less traffic, better tips.” (0:16)

Police detective Ray, into his phone: “This is Detective Fanning, narcotics.” (0:24)

Vincent tells Max, “You’re stressed.”
”You’re stressed.” (0:25)

Television title: “HOW TO STOP A STALKER
”Things like protective orders, because you think of domestic stalking...”
“... it’s just a piece of paper to the stalker.”
”... how often in fact are stalkers people that the recipient of those attentions knows?” (0:33)

Vincent: “Dexter Gordon.” (0:36)

Ray tells detective Richard, “He’s depressed so he jumps four stories out of a window onto his head.”
”Cabby... put the gun to his head?”
Richard: ”Yeah, the guy flipped out.”
Ray: “Cabby had... no history of mental illness... kills three people, then himself?” (0:38)

Dispatcher Lenny, on the radio: “Max’s mother’s driving me crazy.” (0:47)

By telephone Ray tells Richard, “The both of whom are in the exotic substances business together.” (0:55)

Vincent tells Max, referring to Vincent’s father, “Got drunk, beat me up, foster homes.” (0:57)

Detectives introduce themselves to FBI agent Frank: “Detective Richard Weidner, LAPD, major narcotics division.”
Ray: “Detective Ray Fanning, LAPD, major narcotics.” (1:02)

Vincent tells Max, “Of all the cabbies in L.A., I get Max, Sigmund Freud meets Dr. Ruth.”
”You’ll push it into memory then zone out in your Barcalounger, being hypnotized by daytime TV for the rest of your life.”
Max: “Says the badass sociopath in my back seat.” (1:29)

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