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Colonel Effingham's Raid

CastCharles Coburn, Joan Bennett, William Eythe
Year released1946
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Newspaper editor Earl Hoats tells assistant editor Dewey, "My bosses up in Chicago aren’t worrying about what Stonewall Jackson did at Manassas." (0:08)

Hoats asks Dewey, "Are you crazy?"
Dewey: ”... a lot of people worried...” (0:11)

Reporter Albert Marbury tells Dewey, referring to Albert’s cousin Colonel Will Seaborn Effingham, "Two of us will make him nervous."
Dewey: ”Two of us didn’t make him nervous this morning.”
Hoats: ”And for my personal information find out the name of the last lunatic asylum he attended.” (0:13)

Albert tells Hoats, "It’s got reader confidence written all over it." (0:14)

Dewey asks Albert, "Say, is this cousin of yours just a nut, or is he just a nut?" (0:20)

Joe tells Mayor Ed, "The way to handle these nuts is to agree with them."
Doc Buden: ”Are you crazy?” (0:27)

Hoats asks Effingham, "Doesn’t that imply a lack of confidence in the government?" (0:31)

Effingham: "This embodiment of our common memories is a symbol of law and order and of democratic procedure, a symbol of what we fought the Revolution for..." (0:44)

Effingham tells Albert, "You may say that I have nothing but praise for the magnificent behavior of the troops." (0:48)

Hoats tells Dewey, "Since the WPA refuses to aid in financing the repairing of the old courthouse, even the most sentimental citizen will be practical enough to realize..." (0:49)

A bank president tells Effingham, "We are such stuff as dreams are made of." (0:55)

Albert asks Effingham’s wife Emma, referring to Effingham, "Been able to make him take his medicine?"
Emma: ”Yes, that’s what worries me... you know how cranky he used to be about medicine.” (0:56)

Effingham: "... I am proud, Albert, proud that you stepped forward among the first..." (0:58)

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