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For Colored Girls

Thandie Newton, Whoopi Goldberg, Kimberly Elise, Janet Jackson, Phylicia Rashad
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Neighbor Gilda tells social worker Kelly, referring to Crystal's Vietnam veteran husband Beau Willie, "Ever since he came back from the war he been crazy, and he drinks like a fish. Came home crazy as hell... beat her to death. (0:11)

Beau Willie tells Crystal, "I'm not an alcoholic." (denial) (0:28)

Beau Willie beats Crystal. (1:00)

Alice tells her daughter Tangie, "She's an alcohol, alcoholic demon." (1:15)

Tangie "I am a deliberate coke head... who could never do without" (1:17)

As Gilda enters her apartment we see evidence she has been hoarding. (1:27)

Crystal scrubs the sidewalk where Carl dropped her son and daughter to their deaths. (1:30)

Brief shots: a pill bottle next to a still hand and forearm on the floor; medics pulling Crystal out of the back of an ambulance, an endotracheal tube protruding from her mouth; Crystal in the emergency room with a nasogastric tube. Together they suggest a suicide attempt by overdose. (1:36)

Gilda finds Crystal grieving in her apartment. (1:48)

Tangie tells the other women, mocking a man, "Baby you know I was high. I'm sorry." (2:01)