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Come September

Rock Hudson, Gina Lollobrigida, Sandra Dee, Bobby Darin, Walter Slezak, Brenda de Banzie, Rosanna Rory, Ronald Howard, Joel Grey, Ronnie Haran
ethyl alcohol
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Her assistant Anna tells Lisa Helena Fellini, "Eleven months of the year you are intelligent, a good businesswoman..." (0:07)

Her fiance Spencer tells Lisa, "I’m extremely nervous myself." (0:08)

Doormat, banner and menu: "La Dolce Vista" (0:14, 1:51)

Businessman Robert L. Talbot reads a matchbox: "La Dolce Vista" (0:18)

Majordomo Maurice Clavell tells guests Sandy Stevens and Margaret Allison, referring to Robert, "Left him slightly shell shocked."
”He’s absolutely harmless, except for one small mental quirk.”
Sandy: ”I really think a psychiatrist would help him.”
Margaret: ”Sandy’s a major in psychology.”
Sandy: ”Analysis would help him.”
Margaret: ”He may be shell shocked, but he’s not helpless.” (0:21)

Sandy tells Robert, "That’s your subconscious substituting fantasy for fact."
”Mr. Clavell will be so thrilled to hear you’ve recovered.” (0:26)

Lisa tells Robert, referring to Maurice, "He said he’s worried about you." (0:33)

By telephone, Margaret tells an American Express agent, "Don’t worry." (0:44)

Medical student Tony tells Sandy, "Look, when you’re being followed, you instinctively find someplace where nobody else can find you." (0:56)

Tony tells his friend Beagle, "It’s a medically proven fact that to put said subject to sleep at this point, it’s only necessary to introduce into his system several drops of monatomic dicarbon hydroxyl."
”Booze.” (1:08)

Tony: "Sandy, wait, I was drunk..." (1:16)

Lisa: "The business the psychiatrists must do in America." (1:18)

Lisa tells Robert, "You’re wealthy, good-looking, intelligent, charming."
Lisa, referring to women: ”They go by intuition... A woman’s intuition is a man’s best friend.” (1:20)

Maurice tells Margaret, "I assure you, my dear, I’m as shocked as you are."
Margaret, referring to her pet parakeet Cedric: ”He’s drunk.” (1:24)

Lisa: "Oh, don’t worry, Robert."
Robert tells Margaret, ”... pack that drunken bird, and get out.” (1:25)

Robert tells Maurice, "You know, man is the only animal clever enough to build the Empire State Building, and stupid enough to jump off it." (1:30)

Sandy: "Sparrow, stop worrying."
Sandy tells Lisa, ”... and don’t you worry...” (1:30)

Robert tells Lisa, "Now, stop being an idiot." (1:34)

Lisa tells Anna, referring to her fiance Spencer, "He’s honest, sincere, sympathetic..." (1:38)

Lisa tells Sandy, "Don’t worry." (1:43)