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Coming Home

Jane Fonda, Jon Voight, Bruce Dern, Penelope Milford, Robert Carradine, Robert Ginty, Mary Gregory, David Clennon, Kathleen Miller, Beeson Carroll, Willie Tyler, Charles Cyphers, Olivia Cole, Bruce French
chlorpromazine | Thorazine | marijuana
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One Vietnam veteran tells another , "You’re a... psycho." (0:01)

Marine Capt. Bob Hyde tells his friend Capt. Earl Denise, "I have competitive nervousness." (0:08)

Vi Munson tells Bob/s wife Sally, referring to Vi’s brother, "But the kid’s in the VA Hospital, psycho ward."
Vi rolls a joint. (0:16)

Nurse Pee Wee tells veteran Luke Martin, "You know, Mr. Martin, you get more for your disability then me and my old lady get put together." (0:17)

Luke rages.
The doctor tells the nurse, referring to Luke, ”give him 50 of Thorazine” (0:19)

Vi tells Sally, "... the crazy life..." (0:21)

Luke restrained in hospital bed (0:23)

Vi asks her brother Bill, "Are you on uppers?" (0:29)

Sally tells the other volunteers, "I want to say that I'm really shocked, I'm just shocked" (0:34)

Another veteran tells Luke, "I was flashing back..." (0:35)

Vi tells Sally, referring to Vi's boyfriend, "You know, I worry a lot about Dink, too." (0:38)

Puppet: "Can't you morons kick a field gold?...field goal, morons." (0:40)

Sally tells Luke, "The old Girl Scout instinct’s coming."
Luke: ”Are you nervous?”
”Why are you nervous?” (0:48)

Bill injects a vein in his arm and passes out.
Patient, referring to Bill: ”Did he do himself in?”
”Some kid just bought it by shooting air into his veins.” (1:11)

Vi tells Sally, referring to Bill, “Then his nurse calls me and says he's dead.” (1:13)

A guard asks Like, "You insane?" (1:18)

One man tells another, referring to Vi, "I think she freaked out." (1:20)

Luke tells a television reporter, "The reason I'm here is because a buddy of mine who had been in ‘Nam took his own life today... if we want to commit suicide, we have plenty of reasons to do it right here at home. We don't have to go to Vietnam to find reasons for us to kill ourselves." (1:21)

Bob removes all his clothes and jewelry, runs toward the surf and starts swimming. (2:04)

Reference in Nothing Like the Holidays