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Coming Home (2015)

Li Gong, Daoming Chen, Zhang Huiwen, Tao Guo, Peiqi Liu, Zu Feng, Ni Yan, Bai Qing Xin, Jia-yi Zhang, Chen Xiaoyi, Jiali Ding
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School teacher Feng Wanyu suffers a closed head injury. (0:26)

Feng appears to fail to recognize her professor husband Lu who has returned from prison after 3 years. She believes her textile worker daughter Dandan still dances. Mistaking Lu for “Mr. Fang,” she throws him out of her home. (0:33)

Lu tells Dandan, "Your mother didn't recognize me." (0:38)

Dandan tells Lu that the doctor said of Feng’s condition,"... it's psychogenic amnesia."
Lu: ” Psychogenic amnesia?”
Dandan: ”Yes, psychogenic amnesia.” (0:43)

After forgetting to take food for which she has paid a vendor, Feng appears to wait for Lu at the train station. (0:46)

Feng fails to recognize Lu when he meets her at the train station as he promised in a letter. (0:52)

Dr. Wang tells Lu, "Physical injury, psychological trauma, malnutrition can all the factors."
”An article in a foreign journal mentioned hypnotism, subliminal suggestion and other psychological treatments...”
”An English article I read talked about a déjà vu effect.”
Lu: ”Déjà vu?”
”The déjà vu theory suggests that, through imagination, the human brain can create fictional memories. When encountering similar moments in real life, The patient can subconsciously activate the fictional memories and make them seem real.” (0:53)

Feng’s old classmate Zhen tells Lu, referring to Wei, "He committed suicide." (0:57)

Lu tells Dandan, "I'm worried about your mother." (1:15)

Feng mistakes Lu for Fang. (1:35)