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Ann Dowd, Dreama Walker, Pat Healy, Bill Camp, Matt Servitto, Philip Ettinger, James McCaffrey, Ashlie Atkinson,Nikiya Mathis, Ralph Rodriguez
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Clerk Becky tells clerk Marti, “He’s kind of crazy actually.”
Marti: ”That is too crazy.” (0:05)

Sandra tells her boyfriend general contractor Van, “Just don’t get too drunk, OK?” (0:08)

Becky tells Officer Daniels by telephone, “It’s really crazy.” (0:24)

Daniels tells Sandra by telephone, “The thing is her brother is a suspect in an investigation over growing a large amount of marijuana.”
“Mam, this is confidential information.”
Becky: "This is crazy."
Daniels: “Her clothes could have forensic proof of her distributing her brother’s stash.” (0:32)

Becky tells Kevin, “This is crazy.” (0:39)

Sandra asks Van, “Are you drunk?” (0:46)

Becky tells Van, “This is crazy.”
Daniels tells Becky by telephone: “Where we are is at your house searching it for your brother’s drugs.”
Becky: “My brother doesn’t do drugs.” (0:52)

Would you diagnose any of these characters with a mental disorder? What psychological and social ingrediants must come together to allow for this kind of manipulation? What motivates Daniels?