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The Concert

Aleksey Guskov, Dmitri Nazarov, Mélanie Laurent, François Berléand, Miou-Miou, Valeriy Barinov, Lionel Abelanski, Laurent Bateau, Anna Kamenkova, Aleksandr Komissarov
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His wife Irina tells janitor Andreï by telephone, “Most of my regulars are playing mourners at a wake.” (0:03)

Cellist Sacha asks Andreï, “Are you crazy?” (0:08)

Sacha asks Andreï, “You must be out of your mind.”
”Are you nuts?... You’re insane.” (0:09)

Manager Ivan asks Andreï and Sacha, “What are we playing you idiots?” (0:18)

Duplessis tells Jean-Paul and his other assistant, “They won’t come, you idiot.” (0:22)

Ivan: “Don’t panic.” (0:36)

Duplessis tells his assistants, referring to Andreï, “He thinks I’m an idiot.” (0:50)

Trumpet player Viktor tells his trumpet player son, “You idiot, call them.” (0:54)

Andreï tells violinist Anne-Marie, “I... obsessed.”
”Crazy!... I panic... crazy dream...” (1:05)

Andreï tells Sacha, “I dragged Lea into that craziness.”
Sacha: “She was consumed by the same madness as you.” (1:12)

Sacha tells Anne-Marie, referring to Andreï, “He was drunk.”
”They turn him... into...”
Anne-Marie: ”Alcoholic.”
Sacha: ”Alcoholic.”
Anne-Marie: ”I’m sorry... but a concert isn’t a psychotherapy session... He wants me... to fall into the same madness as that poor violinist.”
Sacha: “Me, poor idiot, messed up my life.” (1:13)

Ivan tells Andreï, “Your concert, your dream, your ego!” (1:22)

Andreï, referring to Anne-Marie’s mother, Lea: “They called her ‘The Madwoman.’... Yitzhak died of grief 6 months later. I was the one who dragged Lea into this madness.” (1:33)