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Confessions of a Superhero

Maxwell Allen, Christopher Dennis, Jennifer Gerht, Joseph McQueen
methamphetamine | amphetamine
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Wonderwoman: “Yes, so this is my insane occupation.” (0:04)

Batman, referring to his character: "Yes, obsessed. He is, yeah, he's very bold and very obsessed."
Superman's wife Bonnie: "I'm a PhD student in psychology... Chris... somebody who's able to fixate on something that he's passionate about..."
"Obsessive doesn't even begin to really describe it..." (0:17)

Batman's wife: "It helps pay the bills, 'cause I'm disabled..." (0:29)

Batman visits psychiatrist Mark Goulston: "Batman has a lot of suppressed anger for one thing... I've probably needed to see a psychiatrist."
"... always had suppressed anger." (0:42)

Jennifer Gerht: "I can't take... the mood swings when you go on steroids..." (0:46)

Superman: "You know before that I was in denial." (0:49)

Gravestone of actress Sandy Dennis. (0:49)

Superman: "There was a time in my life where I was doing crystal meth, and, you know, just doing speed... if you do enough speed you start getting delusional." (0:51)

Wonderwoman, referring to Batman: "Max has one insane temper, like, insane." (0:53)

Superman: "In tears. Christopher Reeve just passed away." (0:57)

Casting director Michael Sanford tells Jennifer Gerht, "You're kind of, you're really obsessed with American idol."
"It's almost like you're a little nuts." (0:59)

Her agent Tina Moore tells Jennifer Gerht, "This isn't supposed to be therapy." (1:05)

A Metropolis resident tells us there are a "Lot of drugs... around here." (1:10)

Batman tells Goulston, "I went raged out, I went raged out..." (1:16)

Bonnie: "I was so mesmerized by Chris." (1:25)