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The Conformist

Jean-Louis Trintignant, Stefania Sandrelli, Gastone Moschin, Enzo Tarascio, Fosco Giachetti, José Quaglio, Dominique Sanda, Pierre Clémenti, Yvonne Sanson, Milly, Giuseppe Addobbati, Carlo Gaddi, Umberto Silvestri, Furio Pellerani
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Fascist Marcello tells his blind friend Italo, “There was a nutty man they thought a fool.” (0:05)

Marcello’s fiance Giulia reads a letter to her mother and Marcello: “Signor Clerici’s father has been confined in a mental home, with a brain disease brought on by syphilis.”
Marcello: “You see the origin of my father’s mental illness isn’t venereal.” (0:15)

Marcello finds a glass syringe on the floor under his mother’s bed. He shows it to agent Manganiello and tells him, “It’s morphine.”
Marcello tells Manganiello, referring to “procurer” Ki, “He brings her morphine and uses her as he likes.” (0:18)

A hospital aide tells Marcello’s mother, referring to her husband Antonio who wears an untied straitjacket, “Yesterday we were forced to wear our straitjacket.”
Antonio repeats, “Slaughter and melancholia.”
Marcello tells his mother, “He’s not as crazy as he looks.”

The aide ties the jacket. (0:22)

Marcello tells his blind friend Italo, “The party makes me nervous.” (0:35)

A woman with red hair tells Marcello, “I’m an idiot, a complete maniac.”
“I’m an idiot, a complete maniac. I’m crazy.” (0:42)

Giulia tells Marcello, “I cried so much, and in order to console me, he said he was absolutely, absolutely crazy about me.” (0:46)

Giulia tells Marcello, referring to the Eiffel Tower, “They say at least once a month some disappointed lover throws himself off.” (1:01)

A passing woman calls Manganiello, “Maniac.” (1:09)

Anna tells the others, “And get the wives drunk.”
Giulia: “I’m half drunk already.” (1:16)

Anna tells Giulia, “You’re crazy, completely.” (1:23)

Anna’s husband Prof. Luca tells Giulia, “It’s good for anybody to get drunk once in a while.”
Marcello asks Anna, referring to Giulia, ”Can’t you see she’s drunk?” (1:26)

Luca asks Anna, “Why are you so nervous?” (1:30)

Marcello’s childhood chauffer Lino tells Marcello, “You must be crazy.”
Italo asks Marcello, ”Are you crazy?” (1:46)