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Conspiracy Theory

Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart, Cylk Cozart
David Berkowitz | John Hinckley, Jr. | Ronald Reagan
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Cabbie Jerry hallucinates. His fare calls him “Wacko!” (0:06)

Secretary Claudia, referring to Jerry: “Ms. Sutton’s psychotic is here again.” (0:18)

Jerry tells Justice Department lawyer Alice, “You think I’m crazy. She think’s I’m crazy.” (0:21)

An agent prepares a syringe and injects Jerry. (0:27)

Sign: “Germaine O. Nicols Mental Hospital” (0:31, 1:52)

Jerry tells Alice, “I can’t remember.” (0:34)

Alice tells Jerry, “You’re just being paranoid.”
Jerry: “I’m only paranoid ‘cause they want me dead.” (0:36)

FBI agent Lowry tells Alice, referring to psychiatrist Dr. Jonas, “This guy’s a CIA shrink.” (0:39)

Lowry asks Alice, “Is this guy a psychiatrist or a field agent?” (0:41)

Alice tells Jonas, “He probably is crazy, but there’s something... I didn’t know the CIA had psychiatrists.” (0:45)

A policeman asks Alice, “Remember the guy that shot Reagan, John Hinckley?” (0:46)

Jerry tells Alice, “Just another lunatic acting alone.” (0:48)

Jerry tells Alice, referring to Oliver Stone, “No, it’s quite clear that he’s a disinformation junky for ‘em.” (0:55)

Jerry describes a compulsion to purchase copies of The Catcher in the Rye. He tells Alice, “You must think I’m crazy.”
Jerry tells himself, “You idiot.” (0:58)

Jerry tells Alice, “You run like a maniac.” (1:04)

Jerry tells Alice, “Look, I’m nervous, okay.”
”Love... gives you insight.” (1:23)

Alice tells Jonas, “It was mind control, Manchurian Candidate kind of stuff.”
Jonas: “It involved hallucinogenic research, electroshock to introduce vegetative states, terminal experiments in sensory deprivation.”
Jonas: “Then of course it all ended the moment John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan.”
”Your father was assassinated, and the sick son of a bitch has been obsessed with you ever since.” (1:28)

Jerry tells Alice, “David Berkowitz. Ted Bundy. Richard Speck.”
Alice: ”John Hinckley. He shot Reagan.”
Jerry: ”Yeah, but he only just shot Reagan. Reagan didn’t die. If Reagan had died... we probably would all know what John Hinckley’s middle name was.” (1:38)

Alice tells Jerry,”You’re crazy.”
Jerry: “I’m certifiable...” (2:00)

Alice visits Jerry’s grave at a cemetery. “I miss your face.” (2:05)