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CastSamantha Morton, Sam Riley (II), Alexandra Maria Lara
Year released2007
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Joy Division singer and songwriter Ian removes a prescription bottle from his friend Nick's medicine cabinet. The label is obscured, but he later reads to Nick from a book that "serazepan" (?) is "usually prescribed for schizophrenia. Side effects include..." (0:06)

After Ian suffers a grand mal seizure his doctor discharges him from the hospital. He tells Ian, "We'll try you on carbamazepine, phenytoin, tiagabine, and oxcarbazepine, to be taken with the phenobarbital that they gave you in the hospital." When Ian asks him, "Are there any side effects?" The doctor reads off a list. (0:39)

Ian's wife Debbie calls an ambulance after he drinks and passes out. Emergency room staff administer charcoal for an apparent overdose. (1:26)

Lead guitarist Bernard tells Ian, "I've been studying hypnosis." (1:37)

Ian awakens at home after a seizure and after ordering Debbie out of their home, knowing that she plans to go through with divorce. He hangs himself from a drying rack in the kitchen (off camera). (1:52)

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