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Stephanie March, Eric Balfour, Jordan Bridges, Milena Govich, Anson Mount, Julianne Nicholson, J. August Richards, Catrina Ganey
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Memorial service for Benjamin, grandfather of future attorney Betty and her brother Kenny. (0:17)

A prison official tells Betty in a telephone call, referring to her brother Kenny, “He tried to kill himself.” (0:30)

Kenny shows Betty scars on his wrists.
Betty: “You promise me you’ll never hurt yourself again.” (0:31)

Betty tells Kenny, “You have to promise me that you’ll never try to kill yourself again.” (0:35)

Kenny tells Betty, “I found this new book at the library. It says women hardly ever shoot themselves when they commit suicide... His wife puts a bullet in her head.” (0:36)

Betty tells Innocence Project attorney Barry Scheck, “I’m going crazy here, and Kenny’s going absolutely insane.” (1:15)

Kenny’s ex-girlfriend Roseanna tells the others, “And they get me drunk.”
”I went hysterical. I was hysterical.”
”I was like... plastered at the time.” (1:19)