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Cool Hand Luke

CastPaul Newman, George Kennedy, J.D. Cannon, Lou Antonio, Robert Drivas, Strother Martin, Jo Van Fleet, Harry Dean Stanton, Dennis Hopper, Joe Don Baker, James Gammon, Wayne Rogers
Year released1967
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Captain reads to the others about new prisoner Luke: “Maliciously destroying municipal property while under the influence.” (0:05)

Prisoner Tattoo: “Not exactly crazy about it myself.” (0:14)

Luke, referring to Lucille, “Driving us crazy and loving every minute of it.” (0:25)

Prisoner Sleepy, referring to prisoner Babalugats: “It’s ‘cause he’s a damn moron.” (0:26)

Drag calls Luke, “You crazy handful of nothing.” (0:52)

Luke learns his mother has died. (1:07)

Captain: “When a man's mother dies and, uh, he gets to thinkin' about her funeral and payin' respects, before he knows it his mind ain't right.” (1:10)

Dog Boy, referring to bloodhound Blue: “Loose like that he can run crazy.” (1:17)

Policeman: “Your dogs are crazy.” (1:18)

Dog Boy grieves the death of Blue. (1:21)

Drag tells prisoner Coco, referring to Drag’s uncle, “He must’ve gone crazy.” (1:32)

Luke talks to God: “I got drunk and chewed up municipal property and the like.” (1:58)

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