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Copenhagen (2014)

Baard Owe, Frederikke Dahl Hansen, Gethin Anthony, Martin Hestbæk, Mille Dinesen, Olivia Grant, Sebastian Armesto, Tamzin Merchant
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William tells Jennifer, “Now, I know you were drunk...” (0:07)

William, referring to a note from his friend Jeremy, “... grammar retard.” (0:11)

William, referring to: “Idiot!” (0:12) 

His cousin tells William, referring to Uncle Mads, “I'm just translating for that demented...” (0:20)

William tells waitress Effy, referring to his father, “He died last year.” (0:23)

William panics from the height of an amusement park ride. (0:26)

William asks Effy, “Are you insane?” (0:29)

Effy tells William, “Then the music started, and then I fainted... I, really, I wasn't nervous.”
"I don't know if you know it, but when you faint, your body like stops working.”
William: ”No, I’ve seen a lot of girls faint.” (0:32)

Jeremy tells William, “Now you're a pedophile.”
William: “A pedophile?” (1:01)

Effy asks William, “Are you trying to get me drunk?”
Effy: “You're trying to get yourself drunk.” (1:11)

Effy’s mother asks her boyfriend Henrik, “Are you drunk?” (1:18)

Henrik tells Effy, “I was starting to get nervous.” (1:29)