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Copying Beethoven

Ed Harris, Diane Kruger, Matthew Goode, Joe Anderson, Bill Stewart, Phyllida Law, Ralph Riach, Nicholas Jones
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Schlemmer tells copyist Anna, referring to Beethoven, “He’s utterly losing his mind.” (0:08)

Beethoven calls Schlemmer, “Moron!” (0:09)

Her aunt, Mother Canisius, asks Anna, “About what, drunkenness, profanity, heresy?” (0:23)

Anna asks her engineer friend, “Martin, are you crazy?” (0:24)

Beethoven tells the concertmaster, “From the beginning, idiot!” (0:30)

Beethoven’s nephew Karl tells Anna, referring to the composer, “He destroys anyone he meets with his monumental ego.” (0:33)

Anna tells Beethoven, referring to Karl, “I think he’s confused and unhappy.”
Beethoven: “I’m not confused.” (0:37)

Beethoven tells Anna, “My father was a brutal, drunken sod... Maybe I’m losing my mind.” (0:56)

Beethoven tells Anna, referring to the nuns, “We’ll get them drunk...” (1:11)

Beethoven tells Anna, “See, in your work, you’re obsessed with structure.” (1:20)