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Corazón De Léon

Julieta Díaz, Guillermo Francella
Adrenalin | epinephrine | norepinephrine |
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By telephone architect Léon tells lawyer Ivana, referring to her mobile phone, “You got really nervous, and you threw it. You got into a fit of rage, and you threw it.” (0:02)

Léon tells Ivana, “The traffic was crazy.”
Referring to other diners, ”What kind of perversion are they hiding?”
”I’m talking about an adrenalin experience.”
”We were talking about the adrenaline experience.”
Ivana: “Make the flight for one person because this is too crazy...”
Léon: ”It’s not crazy.” (0:08)

Angry motorist: “Come on, you idiot!” (0:17)

Léon tells his son Toto, “Every time you drive back home a bit drunk, you get too close to the entrance wall.” (0:22)

Secretary Corina tells Ivana, “And your eye is throbbing because you’re nervous.” (0:23)

Ivana’s lawyer ex-husband Diego tells Corina, referring to Ivana, “She’s in a good mood lately.” (0:26)

Ivana’s ex-husband Diego tells her, “You got nervous.” (0:31)

Ivana tells Diego, referring to Corina, “She had therapy today.’ (0:34)

Léon tells Ivana, referring to his friend Joao, “He’s totally wasted.” (0:37)

His ex-wife Sabrina tells Léon, referring to a man on the street, “The idiot gave me the stink eye.”
Morons can’t see you.” (0:47)

Corina tells Ivana, “Talk to someone before you decide to go back to therapy.”
Ivana: “I’m crazy.”
Corina: “No, you’re not crazy.” (0:49)

Ivana tells her mother Adriana and her friend Maria, “He doesn’t look nervous.” (0:55)

Léon tells Ivana, “The traffic was crazy.” (0:55)

Ivana tells to diners, “Listen to me, morons...”
Diner: “Crazy.” (0:58)

Adriana asks Ivana, “Are you nervous?” (0:59)

Léon tells Ivana, “You have a headache because of the champagne or because the family reunion stressed you out?” (1:00)

Diego asks Ivana, “Are you crazy, honey?” (1:02)

Léon tells Toto, “Come on you idiot.” (1:07)

Ivana tells Adriana, “The idea that men have to be tall because some idiot said they had to be tall is wrong!”
Adriana: “An idiot with a real technical eye... You’re out of your mind.” (1:10)

Movie character: “You want to do something crazy?” (1:15)

Ivana tells Léon, referring to Diego, “He’s an idiot.” (1:15)

Adriana tells her friend, referring to Ivana, “She’s an idiot.” (1:16)

Diego asks Léon, “Are you threatening me, you idiot?”
Léon: ”I’m no idiot.” (1:17)

Léon tells Ivana, “Otherwise it’s a crazy conversation.”
Ivana: “I’m an idiot. Tell me I’m an idiot.”
Léon: ”You want me to tell you you’re an idiot? Yes, you’re an idiot.”
“I’m a stupid idiot.”
”I’m saying I fell in love like an idiot.” (1:22)

Toto’s friend: “To have parallel thought you have to be crazy. Crazy people think two things at the same time.”
Toto: “So De Bono’s crazy.”
Friend: ”Creative people are crazy... They’re all out of their minds.” (1:33)