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The Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

Richard Harris, James Caviezel, Guy Pearce, Richard Harris, James Frain
Richard Harris
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Soldier: “Idiots.” (0:01)

Fernand tells his friend Edmond, “Fernand Mondego does not abandon his friends in the face of stupid, suicidal danger.”
”Just don’t expect me to do this sober.” (0:02)

His daughter Valentina tells Bonapartist Clarion, “... if you continue to dabble in this lunacy you run an excellent chance of being arrested and ruining our entire family all because of your idiotic sympathies.” (0:26)

Clarion’s magistrate son Villefort tells his assistants, “Pack all my files, and tell that idiot clerk to find the ledger.” (0:30)

Edmond attempts to hang himself. (0:35)

Fellow prisoner Abbé Faria tells Edmond, referring to Napoleon, “... so he had me thrown in here to refresh my memory.” (0:44)

Shipper Morrell tells Edmond, referring to Edmond’s father, “Unfortunately, his father hanged himself after learning of Edmond’s treason.” (1:08)

His man Jacopo tells Edmond, “I understand you are mad.”
Edmond: ”Mad?”
Jacopo: “Mad, Your Grace, for ignoring this...” (1:40)

Villefort tries to kill himself with a pistol, but it fails to fire. (1:49)

The Count of Monte Cristo