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Country Strong

Gwyneth Paltrow, Garrett Hedlund, Leighton Meester, Tim McGraw, Alana Grace, Ed Bruce, Jeffrey Buckner Ford, Jeremy Childs, Marshall Chapman
Ambien | zolpidem | ethyl alcohol
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His supervisor tells singer/songwriter Beau, "Peterson went through withdrawal all over the dogwood deck." (0:03)

Singer/songwriter Kelly tells her husband James, "This is Beau... He's one of my sponsors..."
"He's just being a good sponsor." (0:05)

Television reporter: "Nashville's Kelly Canter was released, once again, from rehab this morning... arrested last year for drunk and disorderly conduct..." (0:09)

Kelly's husband James tells Beau, "I thought... that you were her sponsor..." (0:19)

James tells Kelly, "I just took an Ambien. (0:21)

Reporter: "Kelly, how was rehab?" (0:22)

Beau tells James, "Kelly took a lot of those pills..."
James: "I know exactly how many pills Kelly took... Now, the only problem with those pills is if she's mixing them with alcohol." (0:29)

Beau tells James, "Don't take somebody out of rehab until they're rehabbed." (0:41)

Beau tells singer/songwriter Chiles, "Which one's your drunk-off-my... smile?"
Chiles: "I think you're drunk." (0:52)

Beau tells James, "Turn the bus around and put her back in rehab."
James: "You're just talking like her sponsor."
Beau: "You and I both know I was never her sponsor." (1:01)

Kelly drunk in a bar. (1:01)

Reporter: "She had a blood-alcohol level of .19 at the time."
Fan: "She's hit rock bottom and sometimes you have to hit rock bottom to realize what you had." (1:22)

Magazine cover: "Kelly's battle with mental illness."
Kelly: "I loved that baby... I was sadder than anybody when I lost it." (1:32)

Television reporter: "How long will her sobriety last?" (1:44)

Beau finds Kelly unconscious, apparently from an overdose. (1:45)

Cemetery: funeral procession for Kelly. (1:46)