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Coyote Ugly

Piper Perabo, Adam Garcia, John Goodman, Maria Bello, Izabella Miko, Tyra Banks, Bridget Moynahan, Melanie Lynskey, LeAnn Rimes
Whitney Houston | Marilyn Monroe | Vincent van Gogh
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Songwriter Violet Sanford tells the receptionist, "I just want to leave this for Whitney and Mariah." (0:15)

Violet tells the audience, "I’m a little nervous." (0:17)

Rachel tells the others: "Twenty says it’s Pretty Woman."
Zoe: ”I will raise you ten because it is Home Alone.”
Cammie: ”I call with Saving Private Ryan.” (0:18)

Bar owner Lil asks Violet, "You do any drugs?"
Violet: ”Do you want a urine sample?” (0:21)

"The court ordered her to take anger management classes after she pummeled a customer for grabbin’ her ass." (0:25)

Violet tells a customer, "... ever since I got really drunk on Tequila, I never drink the stuff anymore." (0:27)

Lil tells Violet, "Hey, and Jersey, I’d be shocked if you survive another night." (0:29)

Lil asks "Did you ever wake up sober after a one night stand...?" (0:40)

Cook Kevin O’Donnell tells Violet, referring to his date, "Her favorite artist is Van Gogh..." (0:41)

Violet tells Kevin, "When I get on stage, I freeze." (0:43)

Kevin tells Violet, "I panicked." (0:47)

Rachel tells Lil, referring to Violet, "She saved me from kicking the shit out of a couple of drunks." (0:52)

Photograph of Marilyn Monroe
Violet tells Kevin, ”The only way I can show you is to make you really nervous.” (0:54)

Violet tells Kevin, referring to her mother, "She died five years ago."
”She hated the stage... said it was the scariest place in the world.” (0:57)

Her father Bill Sanford tells Violet, "You know what kind of maniacs we got driving through here?" (1:00)

Violet asks Kevin, "Are you forgetting about the stage fright?"
Kevin: ”Stage fright DNA...” (1:01)

Kevin tells Violet, "I don’t need your sympathy..." (1:11)

By telephone, a woman tells Violet, "We have a patient here by the name of William James Sanford..." (1:17)

Bill tells a coworker, referring to Violet, "She’s a little nervous." (1:26)

Woman: "Don’t worry about me." (1:28)

Bill tells Violet and their friend Gloria, "I’m feelin’ a little nervous." (1:28)

Rachel tells Lil, "Don’t worry." (1:31)

Kevin tells Violet, "Well, your father has no problem with stage fright." (1:34)