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Crack House

CastJim Brown, Anthony Geary, Richard Roundtree
Year released1989
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Drug deals. (0:01)

A young customer tells fast food clerk Rick, "I'm better off with my cousin down at the rock house"
Rick: "There's better things to do than dishin' crack." (0:09)

Preparing drug to inject. Jesus asks, "Why don't you stop mainlinin' and space basin' Holmes. (0:11)

Leader Jammer tells his gang, "Ya'll put them joints out..." (0:13)

Dealer BT tells Rick's girlfriend Melissa, "When I'm feelin' low I take me a little blow." He pours cocaine on a mirror, makes lines with a razor. Melissa takes a straw. (0:35)

Police Lt. Johnson tells Rick, "Meanwhile all I see is a bunch of punks hyped up on drugs." (0:38)

BT snorts cocaine. (0:41)

BT says, "Time for a little rock." He hands drug to Annie who says, "This will get you higher than anything you've ever done before."
"It's only coke." They use a torch and glass pipe. (0:41)

BT smokes a joint. (0:43)

Drug paraphernalia. (0:50)

BT asks Melissa, "You want to get high or what?" (0:51)

Teacher Dockett shows drug to Melissa, "Business first, then drugs." (0:52)

BT places a glass pipe on a mirror, holds a blow torch, smokes crack. (0:54)

Men weigh and package white powder. (0:59)

Dealer Steadman tells Melissa, "If you're a nice little girl I'll get you all the drugs you need."
He tells one of his men, "Get this bitch a speedball." (1:00)

Men weigh powder. (1:08)

Lt. Johnson tells Rick, "Sometimes when you get that heavily involved in drugs there's no coming back." (1:10)

Melissa finds Annie dead with a tourniquet on her bleeding arm. She sees the word "free" written on the wall in lipstick. (1:15)

Steadman tells Melissa, "Next thing you know you turn into a... coke freak." (1:17)

Drug lab. (1:18)

Large bags of drug. (1:21)

A dealer orders, "Start flushin' the drugs." (1:22)

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