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Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Carlos Sanz, Efren Ramirez, Dwight Yoakam, Reno Wilson, Jose Pablo Cantillo
cocaine | epinephrine | ephedrine | hydrocodone-acetaminophen | Lortabs | Vicodin | marijuana | methamphetamine
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Hit man Chev tells Orlando, "Just get me some coke, okay. You got any coke?"
Orlando: "So saying this is medicinal use coke?"
Chev snorts the cocaine. (0:10)

Doctor Miles asks Chev, "What are your symptoms?"
"The flow of adrenaline's what keeping you alive."
"It works on the adrenal gland, blocks its receptors. The only thing you can do to slow it down at all is to keep the flow of adrenaline constant."
Chev: "A couple of grams of coke." (0:14)

Miles tells Chev by telephone, "That shit that they gave you is cutting off your adrenaline. Excitement, fear danger, causes your body to manufacture a chemical called ephedrine."
"Dude, your only chance is to massively increase the level of ephedrine in your body to force out the inhibitors... Get yourself some epinephrine. It's an artificial adrenaline... The shit's potent... probably a fifth of an injection will do."
"Epinephrine." (0:22)

By telephone Chev asks Ricky, "You in the mood?" (0:27)

Chev tells a pharmacist he needs "Some kind of artificial adrenaline."
Pharmacist: "Artificial adrenaline."
Chev: "Yes, epinephrine. I love you epinephrine."
"I can't give you epinephrine."
Customer: "It'll get you tweaked, man." (0:29)

Chev: "I know you... have epinephrine." (0:31)

Chev: "Tell me you've got epinephrine in this... cart."
"I said, tell me you've got epinephrine on the cart..."
"Give me the... epinephrine."
"You, get me the epinephrine."
"Orderly: "Albuterol, Nexium, Lortab, epinephrine." (0:32)

Chev injects his arm. (0:34)

Miles tells Chev by telephone, "Maybe you can get some Vicodin."
"Could you get some grass?" (0:36)

By telephone Chev tells Eve, "There's probably a psychopath heading over there..." (0:39)

Eve tells Chev, "You look like you're on drugs or something."
”You're so stressed out. Do you want some pot or something?" (0:42)

Chev tells Eve, "The triads had been moving in on the local drug cartel... this insane idea comes in..."
"Pretty crazy, huh?"
Eve: "You're insane. You're like an adrenaline junky with no soul." (0:52)

A cab driver asks Chev, "You a crackhead?"
"You not gonna die in my cab, crackhead. You take this Haitian shit crackhead... That's what a man look like, crackhead."(0:52)

Man asks Chev, "Come on, man, you crazy?"
Chev: "I am crazy." (0:55)

Chev tells Eve, "Adrenaline's the only thing that slows it down." (1:02)

Vial labeled "Epinephrine."
Miles tells Chev, "Synthetic ephedrine..."
"Yeah, well I've got a little meth in there, too, so that's the endorphins you're feeling running to your brain." (1:04)

A man on the elevator tells Chev, "Bipolar, sadomasochistic tendencies."
Chev: "Adrenaline junky. Addicted to violence."(1:01)

Carlito asks Chev, "Ephedrine, right?"
Ricky: "Yeah, whatever, psycho." (1:13)

Reporter: "Police have moved to surround the downtown boutique Hotel Lint, where the unidentified madman.. is believed to be... making a desperate last stand." (1:15)

Sequel: Crank 2: High Voltage