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Michel Cote, Marc-André Grondin, Danielle Proulx, Emile Vallee, Pierre-Luc Brillant, Maxime Tremblay, Alex Gravel, Natasha Thompson, Johanne Lebrun, Mariloup Wolfe, Francis Ducharme
cocaine | heroin | marijuana
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Laurianne, apparently referring to her husband Gervais: “Idiot.” (0:06)

Laurianne and Gervais’ son Raymond tells his brother Zachary, “Fries, you moron.” (0:08)

Zachary: “My three brothers were morons.” (0:08)

Zac asks Laurianne, “When will I stop wetting the bed?” (0:17)

Zac awakens, realizes he has wet the bed. (0:25)

Zac’s cousin Brigitte’s boyfriend Paul reveals a joint in a pack of cigarettes. The three of them share it.
Paul: “The guys’ turn, full blast, music blaring, really stoned...”
Brigitte “A stoner movie, yeah.”
Paul tells Brigitte, “Give me a shotgun.”
Brigitte: “Are you nuts?”
Paul: “You want a shotgun?”
Paul gives Zac a shotgun. (0:36)

His brother Antoine tells Zach, “You're making us look like a bunch of idiots!” (0:43)

Zac: “Having a crazy brother also had its advantages.” (0:44)

Zac takes a joint from a bag of them he finds in Raymond's dresser drawer. (0:47)

Zack, referring to Raymond and his girl: “Mind you, they smoked a couple of joints.” (0:54)

Gervais asks Zac, “What are you, nuts? ” (0:56)

Laurianne tells Zac and Gervais, “I won't stand for smut around here, much less drugs!”
Laurianne finds Raymond's bag of joints. (0:56)

Gervais tells Zac, “Don't take me for an idiot.” (1:07)

Gervais tells Laurianne, “Abnormal people get treated... I'm willing to pay for a shrink if necessary.”
Laurianne: “You've got a short memory.” (1:09)

Zac tells Gervais and Laurianne, “I'm not seeing a shrink.” (1:10)

Zac tells his psychotherapist, referring to Gervais, “He's freaking out over nothing.” (1:11)

Zac tells Gervais, “A subconsciously deliberate mistake.”
Gervais: ”A subconsciously deliberate mistake!” (1:13)

Zac tells Raymond, “You seem to be sniffing a lot for someone in detox.” (1:22)

Zac, referring to Raymond: “He’d done a year for beating up a junkie who tried to steal his coke.”
Gervais: “Idiots.” (1:22)

Raymond tells Laurianne, “If that's the nutcase, I'm not here.”

Laurianne: “Is Doris the ‘nutcase’? She was nuts to put up with you for 6 years.” (1:27)

Raymond tell Zac, “I don't drink anymore, so I avoid bars. I don't drink, smoke or swear anymore... I left my bag of weed at the bar.” (1:28)

Zach asks his friend Michelle, “Is that idiot gonna play my tape or what?” (1:33)

Raymond and his girlfriend Min snort cocaine. Paul and Zac share a joint.
Paul: “You want a shotgun?”
Min smokes a joint. (1:34)

Zac tells Gervais, referring to Paul, “We were smoking a joint. We just gave each other a shotgun.” (1:38)

Closeups of heroin cooking in a spoon, needle injecting an arm, Ramond applying a tourniquet. (1:40)

Zac drops his asthma inhaler and wanders into the desert alone. Suicide attempt? (1:46)

Zac’s brother Yvan tells Zac, referring to Raymond, “I found him lying there with a syringe in his arm.” (1:52)

Zac reads a Patsy Cline album cover: “CRAZY” (1:56)

Grief overcomes Laurianne when a telephone caller tells her Raymond has died. (1:58)

Memorial service for Raymond, followed by wake. (1:58)

Zac visits Raymond's grave at the cemetery. (2:02)