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Crazy Enough

Chris Kattan, Susana Gibb
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Sign: "Fitzpatrick Mental Institution" (0:01)

Psychiatrist Dr. Fred Mulberry tells his wife Lorna, "It’s the mental institution."
Lorna: ”The crazy house...” (0:04)

Sign: "Fitzpatrick Mental Health Facility" (0:10)

Hospital administrator David Greene tells patient Teddy Mulberry, Fred’s twin brother, "Let me tell you something, you nut case..." (0:13)

Nurse Nancy tells an orderly, "Probably the stress." (0:15)

His roommate Ned tells Fred, "... I don’t like heights. I don’t have any phobias, but I just don’t like heights." (0:21)

Nancy tells Fred, "You need to settle down and act like every other patient."
Fred: ”I am not one of your patients... I am a professional psychiatrist.” (0:24)

Fred tells Greene, "All right, so don’t worry.."
Greene, referring to patient Dolores: ”If I ever catch you talking to her again, I will lock you up in solitary confinement.” (0:30)

Ned tells Fred, "You should try getting a point across to the Mad Hatter." (0:33)

Fred’s son Freddie asks Teddy, "Did you get hit in the head?" (0:35)

Fred in straight jacket (0:37, 0:40, 0:47)

Nancy tells Fred, referring to Greene, "... settle down or he’s going to make me medicate you..." (0:38)

Fred asks patient Sean, "You mean they’re paying their patients to spy on each other?" (0:42)

Dolores tells Fred, "Aww, Hannibal, they put you in a diaper." (0:43)

By telephone, Fred leaves a message for Lorna: "... I’m trapped in the Fitzpatrick Mental Health Facility..." (0:52)

Fred tells Nancy, "I’m sleepwalking." (0:54)

Freddie answers Ted, thinking he is Fred, “Yeah, a psychiatrist, but I don’t think I can take talking to crazy people every day. I might catch the looney bug and go all crazy..."
”You’re crazy.” (0:57)

His roommate tells Fred, "Don't’ worry." (0:58)

Fred tells the rest of the band, "You’re all crazy. You’re all crazy... Crazy." (1:05)

Rose tells her boyfriend Dillon, "Don't’ touch me, pervert." (1:06)

Fred tells Dolores, "I’m a psychiatrist." (1:10)

Greene, referring to Dolores: "Look, she’s having some kind of a schizophrenic break."
Nancy: ”She needs to be in isolation right now.”
”Do not touch the patients, Mr. Greene” (1:11)

Ned tells Fred, "Well, I couldn't stay mad at you if I could forgive that Willy Wonka..." (1:14)

Teddy tells Lorna, "I’m a patient from the Fitzpatrick..." (1:22)

Dolores: "I am losing my mind." (1:25)

Fred tells the others, "They might be just crazy enough." (1:26)

Big John tells Nancy, "The patients, they’re not in their room. I think they escaped."
”Is Dolores one of the missing patients?” (1:28)

An administrator asks the patients, "What, do you take me for, an idiot?" (1:29)

Ned tells the others, "It’s like in The Wizard of Oz..." (1:30)

Nancy tells John, "Don’t worry about me, you fool." (1:31)

Greene tells Philbrook, referring to Dolores, "Look, I had her in isolation."
Greene, by radio, referring to Dolores: ”She’s probably surrounded by a bunch of lunatics.” (1:32)

By telephone, Nancy tells Lorna, "Fitzpatrick Mental Health... your husband just drove off with a truck full of mental patients." (1:33)

Dolores tells Philbrook, "My mother died because of you." (1:37)

Greene tells Teddy, aiming a stun gun at him, "It’s time for a little shock therapy." (1:38)