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Crazy People

Dudley Moore, Daryl Hannah, Paul Reiser, J.T. Walsh, Bill Smitrovich, Alan North, David Paymer, Danton Stone, Paul Bates, Mercedes Ruehl
Daryl Hannah
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Advertisement writer Emory tells executive Stephen, "Do you know what the problem was? Psychological." (0:07)

Emory tells Stephen his slogan, "Your fear of flying may be valid." It also appears on a poster. (0:11)

Psychiatrist Dr. Baylor tells Emory and Stephen, "I'm Dr. Baylor."
Dr. Baylor walks Emory into a hospital lobby occupied by other patients. (0:12)

Over the telephone Stephen tells Mark, "I am admitting someone to a mental institution." (0:14)

Emory tells Dr. Baylor, "That's group therapy. I know this is a mental institution." (0:15)

Kathy tells Emory, "I'm a patient here too." (0:16)

Patient Bruce tells Stephen, referring to another patient, "He's a lunatic." (0:17)

Bruce tells Stephen, referring to patient "Judge," "The man's obsessed." (0:18)

Psychotherapy group run by Dr. Baylor (0:19)

Patient Kathy tells Emory, "I have fears, fears of being in closed places. I also have a fear of being in open places. Actually, I have a fear of everything." (0:22)

Emory tells Kathy, "I have a fear of woods." (0:23)

Kathy tells Emory, "I'm nuts." Emory tells Stephen, "I'm... nuts." (0:33)

Psychotherapy group: Bruce tells Dr. Baylor, "Anything that would take me out of art therapy. I hate art therapy." (0:34)

Manuel tells the rest of the group, "We're maniacs." (0:35)

Kathy tells Emory, "I got... so sad I couldn't do anything..." (0:40)

Drucker, off camera: "A mental institution?" (0:40)

Another executive tells Drucker, "This is insane." (0:44)

Psychiatrist Dr. Koch tells Dr. Baylor, "You've got mental patients out there..." (0:47)

Bruce tells another patient that formerly "only boredom and mania were available to us."
Patient Hsu says, "If we stop working for them we'll have to go back to art therapy."
Bruce: "Oh I hate art therapy." (0:51)

Drucker tells Emory about "... inmates in a mental institution."
"This was designed as an experiment in psychiatry." (0:54)

Drucker: "We are dependent upon a bunch of lunatics in a nut house?" (0:58)

The patients participate in art therapy. (0:58)

Dr. Koch: "The benefits... to be psychological..." (0:59)

Sign: "Bennington Sanitarium" (1:06)

Dr. Baylor tells Dr. Koch, referring to Kathy, "She has worked very hard at her recovery..." (1:07)

Emory tells Dr. Koch, referring to Kathy, "She can be released by... a patients' review board." (1:09)

Drucker tells Dr. Koch, "The lunatics look a little crappy this morning." (1:18)

Drucker tells Sony executives, "This happens with lunatics." (1:19)

Patients elope by helicopter. (1:25)