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Reiko Aylesworth, Bruno Campos, JoBeth Williams, Meat Loaf, Marla Sokoloff, Greg Germann, David Alan Basche, Lizette Carrion, Paul Schulze, Michael Hyatt
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Teacher Letty tells her sister Ruth, “It’s been kind of stressful lately.” (0:08)

Letty asks Ruth, “Are you crazy?” (0:10)

Letty asks her lawyer live-in boyfriend Paul, “Are you crazy?” (0:18)

Patient Michael, posing as a psychiatrist, asks Letty, “Can you tell me where you are?”
“The attending physician on day shift is required to do his own preliminary exam when a patient is admitted during the night.”
Letty: “Hillside psychiatric hospital.”
Michael: “Now Letty, do you ever hear voices that other people don’t hear, or seen things that they don’t see?”
“Do you find yourself checking or rechecking locks, or washing your hands over and over again?”
”Arranging your possessions in a certain way?”
”How long has it been since you’ve done something that you enjoyed, Letty?”
”Must be very difficult.” (0:22)

Letty tells psychiatrist Dr. Emlee, “Well, I don’t have hallucinations.”
Psychologist, therapist, whatever.”
Emlee: ”Patient.”
”Michael... He’s a patient.”
”We discourage family visits in the first 48 hours after an emotional trauma...”
“So, now, Dr. Stone’s evaluation from last night indicates that you’ve been experiencing a great deal of emotional anxiety. It’s probably related to depression... starting you on... benefit from drugs...” (0:25)

Patients in the day room take bets.
Patient John: “Manic depression.”
Patient Maria: “You guys always bet manic depressive...”
John: “Does she hear voices?”
Maria: “Is she a washer?”
Michael: “No, but she is exceptionally organized. She arranges her underwear by color, lace and cotton.”
Maria: “I’ll say major depression complicated by obsessive compulsive disorder.” (0:27)

Nurse Gates tells Letty, “Treatment schedules are posted on the bulletin board.” (0:28)

Letty tells her mother Martha, “They have patients posing as doctors.” (0:30)

Michael tells the other patients, “Okay, four people bet major depression and OCD.”
John: “Her diagnosis was no mystery.”
Maria: “Especially the OCD.”
Letty asks Michael, “You take bets on my diagnosis?”
John, referring to Michael: “He’s schizophrenic.”
Patient Thomas: “Schizophrenic.”
Letty: “I’m not the one who’s schizophrenic. I don’t see people who aren’t there. I don’t run around like a crazy person.”
Michael: ”You’re perfectly sane.”(0:33)

Group psychotherapy.
Maria, referring to Mrs. Hallstrom: “When is she gonna get manic again?”
Dr. Emlee: “Well, we started her on some new medication...”
Maria: “It really makes me want to hurt myself.”
John tells Letty, “Then tell us about your nervous breakdown.”
Emlee: “Letty, why don’t you... tell us a little bit about how you’ve dealt with your OCD.”
“Yeah, I think in the spirit of group therapy...” (0:35)

Letty tells Paul, “... or fraternize with other patients.” (0:41)

Michael asks Letty, “Nervous?” (0:47)

By telephone Michael orders a pizza delivered to “Hillside Psychiatric Hospital...” (0:48)

Dr. Emlee tells Letty, ”I had to hear it from another patient.”
Letty: “I know that Michael’s a schizophrenic and Mrs. Hallstrom’s manic depressive, and John has episodes of psychosis, and there’s a rumor that you suffer from delusions of grandeur.”
Emlee: “Those aren’t delusions.”
Referring to Michael: “It’s called schizoaffective disorder. Schizophrenics tend to withdraw from reality. They suffer emotional disturbances... He could have hallucination or a delusion...”
Letty: “He’s taking his medication.”
Emlee: “Drugs can help suppress symptoms... and Michael’s condition is often worsened by periods of stress.”
”He’s been in and out of institutions for the past ten years.”
Letty: ”Isn’t that privileged information Dr. Emlee?” (0:51)

Michael tells Letty he has been in “Back to back sessions with the shrink.”
”They say you have a depressive personality... could hold back my own recovery.”
Letty: ”Schizoaffective disorder marked by hallucinations and paranoid delusions.”
Michael: “My thoughts do go haywire sometimes... I thought I was God... Why’d you let me start talking in metaphors?” (0:54) Martha tells Letty, “You know your life is not about being in a mental hospital.”
”I hear this Michael fellow is a schizophrenic.” (0:57)

Michael tells Letty, “I was projecting, I guess.” (1:02)

Michael responds to apparent voices from someone we do not see. (1:03)

Michael makes a case for release from committment to a judge: “It’s 11, your honor, but I am on a new medication now, so...” (1:05)

Paul tells Letty, “It’s natural to be nervous...”
Referring to a doctor he imagines Letty to be involved with: “That is so unethical, and I am going to have him brought up on malpractice charges...”
Letty: ”He’s a patient here.”
Paul: ”Letty, of all the crazy things.”
“So you’re gonna throw away our whole life for some shared experience with a loony tune...” (1:06)

Maria, betting the others on a new admission: “I’ll put down five it’s a straight diagnosis of depressive personality.”
Thomas: “Four dollars. Manic depressive.”
Letty: ”I’m willing to put down ten dollars that there was some break with reality. Psychosis, definitely, psychosis.” (1:09)

Letty tells Michael, “You are crazy.” (1:13)

Letty asks Michael, “Whoever said sanity was fun?” (1:17)

Michael thinks a stranger referred to him when he hears her say, “Wierdo.”
Michael: “Don’t ever talk about me again!” (1:18)

Instead of taking it, Michael washes his medication down the drain. (1:20)

School superintendent Bill tells Letty, “Look, prior to your breakdown... there are concerns about your stability.” (1:21)

Letty asks Ruth, “Were you nervous?”
Ruth: ”I was so nervous, and Mom was driving me nuts.” (1:23)

Letty tells Uncle Cort, referring to Michael, “We met in a psychiatric hospital.” (1:24)

Michael tells Letty, “No, it was the drugs.”
Referring to his mother: “Why’d you tell her I went off my meds?”
Letty: “Michael, did you go off your meds?” (1:26)

A 911 dispatcher asks Letty by telephone, “Has he taken any drugs?”
Letty: ”He’s schizophrenic.” (1:27)

Michael tells Letty, “Pretend like I’m your shrink.”
Letty: ”You stopped taking your medication.” (1:30)

Sign: “Hillside Psychiatric Hospital of Los Angeles” (1:33)

One of her students tells Letty, “My mom said you went crazy.”
Student Bobby: ”Place for psychos.”
Letty: ”I went to a psychiatric institution.” (1:34)

Would you diagnose Letty with dependent personality disorder? What about Michael?