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Cries and Whispers

Harriet Andersson, Liv Ullmann, Kari Sylwan, Ingrid Thulin
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Agnes' maid Anna prays: “I beseech thee again today and every day to let thine angels watch over and protect my little girl, whom thou in thy unfathomable wisdom tookest unto thyself in heaven.” (0:12)

Maria discovers her husband Joakim trying to kill himself with a sword. (0:31)

Anna, and Agnes’ sisters Karin and Maria, grieve when they realize Agnes has died. (0:45)

Priest Isak prays for Agnes at her bedside: “Plead with him to free us of our anxiety...” (0:50)

Karin intentionally cuts herself with a piece of broken glass. (1:00)

Karin tells Maria, “I’ve often thought of taking my own life.” (1:09)

Anna hears someone crying. Deceased Agnes talks to Anna, then to Karin and Maria. (1:15)

Karin’s diplomat husband Fredrik: “The funeral was tolerable. No one wept or grew hysterical.” (1:24)

Reference in Pink Flamingos