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Cry Danger

CastDick Powell, Rhonda Fleming, Richard Erdman, William Conrad, Regis Toomey, Jean Porter, Joan Banks, Hy Averback
Year released1951
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Blog entry

Marine veteran Delong tells ex-con Rocky, “Occasionally I always drink too much.” (0:07)

Rocky tells Delong, “Run amok, Junior.” (0:09)

Delong tells Rocky, “The bartender gave me a drink that tasted funny, and I don’t remember anything after that.” Mickey Finn? (0:19)

Rocky tells two cops, “A bartender in some gin mill down the road got him tight, tried to roll him.” (0:20)

Pickpocket Darlene tells Rocky, referring to Delong, “I was only gonna keep his money for him until he sobered up.” (0:32)

Rocky: “You know I had another friend once who had trouble with that stuff. He found a way to get off of it.”
Delong: “How”
”Rocky: “He quit.”
Delong: “Thank you, Billy Sunday.” (0:46)

Delong asks Rocky, “What’s the difference, this or an alcoholic ward?” (1:03)

Rocky tells detective Gus, “It doesn’t take an IQ of 150 to figure that.” (1:04)

Hoodlum Louie: “Oh, you’re nuts Rocky.” (1:10)

Secretary Nancy tells Rocky, “I’ve nearly been out of my mind.” (1:14)

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