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Cry Freedom

Kevin Kline, Denzel Washington, Penelope Wilton, Kevin McNally, Josette Simon, Kate Hardie
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Journalist Donald tells newspaper photographer Ken, “One bunch of lunatics saying white supremacy justifies anything, what we need is some black nutcase saying black supremacy’s going to save the world.” (0:10)

Activist Steve tells Donald, “The place is full of drunks and thuggery...” (0:23)

His wife Wendy tells him, “You’re mad Donald Woods.” (0:58)

Donald tells Steve, “You must be out of your mind.” (1:00)

Donald tells a newspaper man, referring to the leader, “Mapetla’s dead. They claim he hanged himself in his cell.” (1:01)


His wife Ntsiki grieves when shown Steve’s body. (1:14)

Funeral procession. Memorial service. (1:17)

Speaker: “We are here to mourn one of the great men of Africa. in mourning...” (1:18)

Friend of Donald: “I think it’s madness.” (1:25)

Donald: “Kruger’s really gone crazy.” (1:27)

Journalist Bruce, “We think New Year’s Eve, everybody drunk as a skunk.” (1:37)

Father Kani tells Donald, “In actual fact New Year’s Eve You’ve gone to bed quite drunk.” (1:39)

Truck driver tells Donald, “Those white kids will be drunk tonight.” (1:19)

Kani tells Donald, “Don’t get me nervous.” (1:56)

Official listed causes of death in prisoners: “Suicide” (2:31)