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A Cry for Love

Susan Blakely, Powers Boothe, Charles Siebert, Herb Edelman, Edie Adams, Fern Fitzgerald, Paul Lieber, Jeremy Licht, Robert Hegyes
amphetamine | dextroamphetamine | heroin | marijuana | methamphetamine | Methedrine | secobarbital | Biphetamine
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Radio talk show host Polly takes pills from a prescription bottle. She gradually seems to speed up. (0:02)

Polly takes more pills, becomes disorganized. (0:07)

Polly discovers her pill bottle is empty. (0:15)

Polly tells her friend Barbara, "I ran out of pills. Do you have any speed?
Barbara: "No I'm off speed...I'm into tranqs now."
Polly: "I've gotta get some uppers tonight."
Barbara tells Polly she knows "A candy man."
Barbara tells drug dealer Norman, "Polly's out of uppers, Norman."
Norman: "What do you need?"
Polly: "Pinks, oranges, browns, black beauties if you'ver got'em."
Norman "I've got reds, big beans, Christmas trees."
Polly calls to ask her doctor for a refill, but he refuses. (0:18)

Polly washes pills down with a drink. We hear the song "Mother's Little Helpers." (0:20)

Polly slips a pill into her mouth and washes it down with gin. (0:28)

Polly washes a pill down with a drink. Unemployed engineer Tony askes her, "You into drugs?"
Polly: "Not to get high or anything."
"I like it better when you're sober."
Tony: "You have never seen me sober sweetheart." (0:35)

Tony tells Polly, "Your eyes are all pupils. Is that from the speed?"
Polly: "... speed for me is like some sort of essential nutrient..." (0:40)

Bouncers throw Tony out of a bar. He tells them, "I can tell you exactly how much alcohol a body can absorb..." (0:43)

Tony wakes up in a hospital ward. The patient in the next bed tells him they are in "the alcoholics ward."
Tony tells Dr. Bailey, "I only drink to calm myself down, like normal people do. That's why I've never become a real drunk..."
Dr. Bailey: "Have you had... blackouts?"
"You're an alcoholic."
"My advice for you is to stay here for rehabilitation.... completely dried out you can begin our group therapy sessions."
Tony: "I am not self destructive." (0:44)

Polly tries to get the pharmacist to give her a refill but he tells her: " Well, it's amphetamine. It's government regulated."
"They can be dangerous. They can lead to dependence." (0:54)

On her radio show Polly is distracted, labile. (0:57)

Polly tells girls in the toilet, "I thought I smelled grass."
"... could I have just one drag..."
"I'm on my last dex, and I'm crashing."
One girl tells the other, referring to her mother, "My dad... her legally insane."
Polly passes out. She awakens frantic, disorganized, labile, incoherent, then violent. (1:09)

Polly: "I've gotta get the right pills." (1:14) 

Drug dealer Eugene tells Polly, "I can only get you 5 black beauties..."
"Biphetamine 20s, blackbirds... sleeps... happy pills."
"Well we just got in some very good Methadrine, crystal. If you'd only learn how to shoot... That way you take 150mg of meth morning and night"
"reds and tans"
"I'll let you have a couple of meth tabs."
"I've never known anybody with such a habit to stay on drugs."
"If you shoot H it's a lot safer."
Another dealer: "Some day she's gonna try to kick it and end up slittin' her wrist..." (1:18)

Polly takes pills. She refers to something as "psychological." She speeds up and mentions a "mental hospital."
Tony refers to "those druggers..."
"Could you believe... heroin to speed?... drugs... shooting speed."
"you're not a... junkie..."
"Drugs are stupid... anybody that takes drugs is stupid."
"I woke up this morning in an alcoholics ward." (1:20)

Polly desperately tries to take pills. Her daughter Felicia asks her, "Is it all those pills you took?" (1:26)

Polly tells her father, "Daddy I'm a speed freak, a pill addict... go to the hospital to kick it." (1:29)

Polly tells Tony, "They've got a really good drug rehabilitation center there... program for alcoholics." (1:32)