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The Crystal Ball

Ray Milland, Paulette Goddard, Gladys George, Virginia Field, Cecil Kellaway, William Bendix
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Toni: “Madame Zenobia, why should shooting make Mrs. Ainsly nervous?”
Zenobia: “Say, those judges were nuts.” (0:19)

Mrs. Smythe tells Toni, “I’m a phobophobe.”
”Well, I don’t understand it either, but according to psychoanalysts, it’s all because I was a child.”
”Like mad.”
”But he finally discovered that I was a phobophobe.”
Toni writes: “Mrs. Smythe Nuts.” (0:21)

Toni tells attorney Brad, referring to her aunt, “She has perfect phobia.” (0:42)

Angela tells her husband, “When I’m home you have to work, but I can’t turn my back and go to mother’s for one day without you filling this apartment with your drunken friends.” (0:43)

Brad tells Biff, “Now don’t be an idiot.” (0:44)

Shooting gallery operator Pop tells Toni, “They don’t like temper and tears, fainting away, threatening suicide and...” (0:55)

Toni writes advice on a slate for Jo: “Faint!”
Jo reads more: “If he doesn’t come after you, threaten to kill yourself.” (0:58)

His stenographer Mrs. Mills tells Brad, referring to Jo, “Well, she’s going to kill herself.”
Brad: ”But why should Mrs. Ainsley say she’s going to kill herself?”
”Women. One committing suicide...” (0:59)

Biff tells Toni, “She told me that Mrs. Ainsley told the boss if he didn’t come up there that she was gonna bump herself off.” (1:04)

One emergency technician tells the other, “The poor guy’s delirious.” (1:09)

Toni tells Jo and Brad, “What a crazy name.” (1:11)

Jo tells Brad, “Oh, it’s insane of me.” (1:15)