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Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus

Michael Cera, Gaby Hoffmann, Juan Andrés Silva, José Miguel Silva, Agustin Silva, Sebastián Silva
San Pedro cactus | marijuana | mescaline | cocaine | Aldous Huxley | Klonopin | clonazepam | 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine
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A partier asks Jamie and others, "You guys wanna smoke some weed?"
Partier: "It's just Chilean weed, man."
Jamie: "Yeah, yeah, well, I read The Doors of Perception, you know, and he describes it basically as... like we have a reducing valve in our consciousness..."
A man divides powder on a mirror.
Partier: "Try to be in a good mood, too..."
Jamie snorts through a rolled up bill. "Is that Chilean cocaine?"
"Yeah, it's Chilean cocaine,..."
Jamie: "Can I get some of this, because I haven't had very good cocaine in Chile."
More snorting.
Jamie: "... and the weed is nice, too, that you have because the other weeds I've had here have..."
More snorting.
Girl: "It sounds like you've done a lot of drugs here and stuff."
Jamie: "Not life, though, you know, I don't get high on life..."
"She's like, 'I'm high on life,' and then she's doing cocaine?... That's like crazy poisonous Chilean drugs." (0:02)

Jamie tells Crystal, "That's like "Doors of Perception'... you're saying."
Crystal Fairy: "Aldous Huxley?"
Jamie: "The Doors of Perception." (0:06)

Jamie: "Hey, I've got a little more blow." (0:08)

Jamie snorts coke from a mirror. (0:11)

Jamie tells Champa: "So crazy."
"This is the perfect thing in my life right now, to do mescaline. I'm just getting into all this, really getting heavy into all this phenomenology stuff... "
"... I don't want to take like less than the recommended dosage." (0:14)

Jamie: "We did so much cocaine last night."
Champa's brother: "You did coke?"
"I did more than him, but somebody put some like Klonopin in it or something."
One of the guys: "This guy said something about some drag queens?"
Jamie: "You gonna drink the San Pedro with us?"
"We'll have a psychoactive voyage, you know... It's just the San Pedro cactus. I mean it's just the San Pedro cactus."
"Champa: "He says the San Pedro is safe because it's like a cactus. It's a natural drug..." (0:15)

driver: "The crazy dancing girl?" (0:20)

Someone in the park: "You're crazy. You're crazy." (0:22)

Jamie: "That was insane."
Champa: "Yeah, absolutely insane."
Jamie asks Champa, "Man, do you think this is going to be crazy to have her with us the whole time?" (0:23)

Crystal: "That was crazy." (0:29)

Crystal tells Jamie, "I feel a lot of aggression coming from you." (0:34)

Champa tells a homeowner, "... we want to drink some San Pedro..."
Jamie: "God, that's the biggest San Pedro I've ever seen."
Champa asks a homeowner, "Could you sell us some of your San Pedro?" (0:36)

Jamie: "The whole part of the plan was for us to drink San Pedro on the beach." (0:40)

Crystal: "There's a San Pedro cactus here." (0:41)

Jamie cuts a piece of cactus. (0:43)

Crystal tells Jamie, "You crazy..."
Pilo: "I'm not sure I'm taking the San Pedro anymore."
Crystal: "That pollo loco is driving me loco."
Guys: "It takes like 12 hours to cook the San Pedro."
Lobo tells Champa, "It's the San Pedro." (0:45)

As they prepare the cactus Crystal tells Jamie, "It's very important before taking drugs as a group that everybody sort of commune with one another." (0:51)

Jamie starts cooking the cactus. (0:52)

Crystal tells the others, "I know that you've got a lot of fear surrounding taking the San Pedro."
Pilo: "I think my main fears are, uh, madness..."
Crystal: "We have to... cast aside our ego..." (0:54)

Jamie drinks the brew followed by the others.
Lel: "It's very toxic."
"It's not the San Pedro."
Jamie: "San Pedro?" (1:03)

Champa: "Don't be an idiot, Pilo." (1:09)

Jamie: "I'm starting to feel the mescaline." (1:14)

Champa: "That's the grave of Tom Jones, look. Tom Jones' grave."
A motorist tells Crystal, "I don't wanna look at you because this is insane." (1:21)

Jamie: "I remember when I was 12 years old, I was obsessed with a girl, and I called her... many times."
Crystal: "I thought it was ecstasy... I know it's kind of crazy..." (1:28)