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Cup Cake

Adam Best, Michelle Fairley, Clive Russell
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Stevie tells his ex-fiance Kitty Duffy, "You're a mental case." (0:09)

Baker P.J. tells Loan shark Paul's thug John, "It's just that wakes make me a wee bit nervous."
John: "You know what makes me nervous?" (0:10)

Open casket at Mr. Duffy's wake. (0:12)

Her girlfriend tells Kitty, "And I reckon he was loaded." (0:14)

P.J.’s friend Mute tells their friend Shifty, referring to P.J., "The big idiot's just promised to marry her."(0:22)

P.J.: "I made a total idiot of myself, Mute." (0:36)

P.J. tells his artist friend ‘Gala,’ "I was really, really drunk, you know, and I'm sorry if I upset you." (0:39)

P.J. tells Mute, referring to Kitty, "She was the acid slobbering alien from the film of the same name." (0:56)

Kitty tells P.J., "You're in denial." (1:09)

One Duffy relative tells another, "A way to tell'em you're a idiot." (1:14)

Bartender Solemn tells Kitty, "Well then they all must be mad to jilt a pure babe like you." (1:17)