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The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

CastPeter Sallis, Ralph Fiennes, Helena Bonham Carter, Peter Kay, Nicholas Smith, Liz Smith, John Thomson, Mark Gatiss
Year released2005
Spoiler alert

Spoiler alert!

Blog entry

Wallace tells Gromit, “The fact is, I’m just crackers about cheese.” (0:10)

Lady “Totty” tells her suitor, “Oh Victor I felt we’d made a real breakthrough in this hunting obsession of yours.” (0:14)

Wallace: “Rabbit rehabilitation. Once cured of their antisocial veg ravishing behavior the rabbits can be safely released without fear of re offending.” (0:18)

Rabbit “Hutch” has developed an aversion to carrots. (0:20)

Graveyard (0:23)

The vicar swoons when he sees the were-rabbit. (0:24)

The constable, referring to the organist: “Mental.”
Vicar: “Repent... lest you too taste the wrath of the were-rabbit.” (0:27)

Carrot-shaped sign over vegetable market: “Harvey’s” (0:31)

Wallace tells Gromit, “It’s gone mad around here.” (0:35)

Wallace turns into a giant rabbit. (0:45)

Victor: “I don’t want to cause any panic, but the beast isn’t actually dead yet.” (1:02)

Hutch: “I’m just crackers about cheese.” (1:02)

Victor tells Totty, “Alright, so what if it is that blithering idiot.” (1:09)

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