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Cutie and the Boxer

Noriko Shinohara, Ushio Shinohara
Ushio Shinohara | opium poppy | Jackson Pollock
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Artis Ushio Shinohara tells his artist wife Noriko, "I'm nervous." (0:19)

Noriko: "When I was young, I was obsessed by my ideals..." (0:22)

Noriko tells Alexandra from the Guggenheim, "If a doctor finds such a thing all the alcoholics can be saved in this world." (0:28)

Alexandra: "It looks like a poppy field."
Ushio: "Poppy field? Oh yes. Afghan poppy field."
Alexandra: "Looks like an Afghan poppy field."
Ushio: "OK. Title is Poppy Field."
Alexandra: "Yeah, poppy field. It's definitely a poppy field."
Noriko tells Alexandra and agent Ethan, "Ushio was kind of drunk..."
Ethan tells Alexandra, "It's so different from Pollock. Pollock was actually consciously..." (0:27)

Noriko: "Our baby was born, and Ushio was an alcoholic." (0:32)

Noriko, referring to her son Alex: "Because he came from a poor family with an alcoholic parent, he had a strong inferiority complex."
"I felt guilty that I didn't give my son a proper environment to grow up in with drunk adults hanging around him all the time." (0:37)

Noriko tells Ushio, referring to Alex, "He got so drunk that he's still sleeping." (0:38)

Ushio: "Maybe you go insane." (1:04)

Ushio: "It starts off talking about important artists couples, like Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner..."
Driver: "That's crazy." (1:10)