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The Cycle Savages

Bruce Dern, Melody Patterson, Chris Robinson, Maray Ayres, Karen Ciral, Mick Mehas, Jack Konzal, Walter Robles, Casey Kasem
lysergic acid diethylamide | amobarbital | marijuana
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Artist Romko tells Lea, referring to biker Keeg, "He's a maniac." (0:19)

Keeg asks biker Bob, "You still got your acid?"
"Oh burn his hands with acid?... We're going to drop it in our mouths... and trip out... you girls all take your pills? You take your pills?" (0:30)

Keeg: "Walter, bring me your acid."
Keeg drops some pills in a drink then makes Janie drink it. (0:52)

Biker Doug tells Janie and the bartender she was "Smokin' grass all night man. Poppin' amys and acid."
Bartender: "You kids think you're smart with marijuana."
Doug: "Nobody has trouble gettin' grass man." (1:02)

Keeg orders the rest of the gang, "Pick up... any roaches or grass..." (1:19)