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Dallas Buyers Club

Matthew McConaughey, Jared Leto, Jennifer Garner, Denis O'Hare, Steve Zahn, Griffin Dunne, Michael O'Neill, Dallas Roberts, Kevin Rankin
cocaine | amyl nitrite | methamphetamine | ethyl alcohol | propofol | morphine
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Electrician Ron and a woman snort cocaine. (0:01)

Dr. Sevard tells Ron, “I see you found our stash.”
Ron: ”I don’t use drugs.”
Physician Eve: ”We didn’t test your blood for drugs.”
Sevard: ”Have you ever used intravenous drugs?” (0:08)

Ron snorts cocaine. (0:11, 0:12, 0:13, 0:27, 0:28)

Ron’s friend T. J. snorts cocaine from a mirror with a rolled bill: “I’d take disability any day.” (0:13)

Pharmaceutical speaker: “We believe those.... were dosage based.” (0:16)

Eve asks Sevard, “Doesn’t it drive you just a little bit crazy...?” (0:17)

Eve tells Ron, “For about a year a group of patients gets either the drug or a placebo.” (0:20)

Speaker: “It’s both our job and the FDA’s to make sure the drug is safe.” (0:24)

Sevard tells Ron, “Dealing in pharmaceutical drugs is illegal.” (0:30)

Ron asks Eve, “What, hook me up to a little morphine drip, let me fade on out?” (0:34)

Ron grips the handle of his pistol. Contemplating suicide? (0:37)

Physician Vass reads from a clipboard and asks Ron, “Cocaine, alcohol, methamphetamine...?”
”Now these drugs are doing...”
Ron: ”You’re saying cocaine’s givin’ me pneumonia?”
Vass: “No, I’m saying cocaine made you more susceptible...”
”I’m gonna prescribe a regimen of vitamins...” (0:39)

Ron’s transsexual friend and business partner Rayon cross-dressed. (0:40, 0:48, 0:52, etc.)

Vass tells Ron, “It can cause memory loss, mood swings, aching joints.” (0:41)

FDA agent Richard tells Ron, “You do realize that importing illegal drugs for sale is a very serious offense.”
”If we get the slightest indication that you’re selling these drugs for profit, you could be thrown in jail for a very long time, Father.” (0:45)

Eve tells Sevard, “I have questions about the drug’s safety.” (0:47)

Rayon tells Ron, “You homophobic...” (0:48)

A bar patron snorts from a vial. Amyl nitrite?
Poster: “Drag Queen Pageant” (0:51)

Ron tells his attorney David: “Well I ain’t selling drugs no more counselor.” (0:53)

Ron tells Rayon, “You call me Ronnie again, I’m gonna use this to give you that sex change you’ve been hopin’ for.”
”You gotta stay clean.” (0:54)

Eve tells Ron, “I’m telling my patients to stay away from here.” (0:56)

Ron asks Rayon, “... high?”
”... junkie...” (1:00)

Ron speaks into his phone, “Prepare the sedation, 10 mg. of propofol.” (1:03)

Richard tells Ron, “You shoot your body full of an unknown drug... I’ll take your drugs, and I will burn them.“ (1:06)

Ron asks Rayon, “Are you... high again?” (1:08)

Richard tells Ron, “... I have a court order to confiscate any and all FDA-approved drugs or supplements.”
”We’re concerned with preventing a market for illegal drugs.”
Ron: “What, you got Alzheimer’s, Richard?”
”It’s... for dementia, which I have.” (1:18)

Ron’s letter to Tuck: “Sorry to hear about your dad’s Alzheimer’s, Tuck.” (1:22)

Rayon snorts cocaine from a mirror. (1:23)

A nurse tells Eve, referring to Rayon, “He’s just on morphine now.” (1:31)

Ron realizes that Rayon has died. (1:34)

Ron tells Eve, “... impotence.”
Eve: ”Rayon was a drug addict.” (1:38)

Ron tells Richard: “Non-toxic drug that I got proof works...”
”Mr. Woodruff, I’m afraid that you are nothing more than a common drug dealer...“
Ron: “Oh, I’m the drug dealer? No, you’re the... drug dealer... the pharma companies pay the FDA to push their product.” (1:41)