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The Damned (1969)

Dirk Bogarde, Ingrid Thulin, Helmut Griem, Helmut Berger, Renaud Verley, Umberto Orsini, Reinhard Kolldehoff, Albrecht Schoenhals, Florinda Bolkan, Nora Ricci, Charlotte Rampling, Irina Wanka, Karin Mittendorf, Valentina Ricci, Wolfgang Hillinger
Jack London | Hermann Goering | Adolf Hitler
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Herbert tells his wife Elizabeth, “If Hitler were not the son of a customs agent and a servant, Joachim would have already thrown himself in his arms.”
Elizabeth, referring to the children, “They must be so nervous.” (0:06)

SS officer Aschenbach tells executive Friedrich, referring to an oncoming driver: “Idiot.” (0:08)

Aschenbach tells Friedrich, "These are Hitler’s words.” (0:12)

Cross-dressed Martin. (0:15)

Herbert: “Wasn’t it perhaps your Goering who promised the enemies of the Third Reich enough rope to hang themselves?”
Uncle Konstantin: “Goering refers to the communists...” (0:19)

Konstantin tells the others, “Don’t have any illusions.” (0:44)

Funeral procession for Joachim. (0:45)

Konstantin's son Günther’s professor reads a list of names to the class: “... Jack London...” (0:56)

His girlfriend Olga tells Martin, referring to neighbor girl Lisa, “Last night she was delirious.” (1:11)

Young Lisa hanging. (1:15)

A detective tells Konstantin, referring to Lisa, “There’s no formal charge yet, only the usual evidence... and a name spoken in delirium by the poor victim...” (1:16)

Frederick reads Mein Kampf by Hitler. (1:30)

Picture of Hitler (1:35, 1:43)

Drunk men perform dressed in women’s clothes. (1:41)

Aschenbach tells Martin, referring to Lisa, “Just because a little Jewess had the bad taste to hang herself.”
”But he who... deludes himself into thinking he is able to make his own decisions...” (1:51)

Herbert: “And Elizabeth won’t talk. She’s dead.”
Günther reacts with grief.
Martin calls Günther “Idiot! Idiot!”
Martin's mother Sophie: ”You’re crazy, Martin.” (2:01)

Martin prepares a syringe. (2:09)

Martin tells Sophie, “You... with your idiotic wigs...” (2:11)

Sophie appears catatonic, unresponsive to Frederick’s entreaties. A nurse prepares a syringe. (2:17)

Martin tells Frederick, “You seem depressed.” (2:21)

Martin leaves poison for Sophie and Frederick to kill themselves. (2:30)

Martin returns to find Sophie and Frederick dead. (2:33)