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Damsels in Distress

Greta Gerwig, Adam Brody, Analeigh Tipton, Megalyn Echikunwoke, Carrie MacLemore, Hugo Becker, Ryan Metcalf, Billy Magnussen, Caitlin Fitzgerald, Jermaine Crawford
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Violet asks Lily, “Have you heard of nasal shock syndrome?” (0:02)

Violet tells Lily, “It’s not just some moronic frat house social function.” (0:03)

Violet tells Lily, “One way do that is to stop them from killing themselves... in the case of suicide it’s 10 tenths the cure.”
Heather: “Speaking of suicide prevention, do you have a boyfriend, Lily?”
Violet: ”Boyfriends are a primary suicide risk.” (0:08)

Violet completes a “Suicide Risk Questionnaire.”
Rose: “Pot.”
Jimbo: “I’m not depressed.”
”I’m not depressed. I’m not suicidal.”
Violet: “A suicide might be in progress.” (0:11)

Violet tells Jimbo, “It’s just that we have a lot of students coming to the center pretending to be depressed to get doughnuts.”
”... and we made a pledge to the doughnut company that we would only give doughnuts to students who were depressed, suicidal or otherwise nutty.” (0:12)

Journalist Rick tells the others: “They run the suicide center where their preferred therapy for seriously depressed and suicidal people tap dancing.”
“It’s moronic and barbaric.”
Violet: “We’re using the whole range of musical dance numbers which over many years have proven themselves to be effective therapies for the suicidal and the hopelessly depressed.” (0:19)

Lily tells Violet, referring to Freak, “He’s already depressed...”
Debbie: “You think I’m suicidal. You think I’m gonna kill myself and make you look bad.”
”No, I’m worried that you’ll kill yourself and make you look bad.”
Debbie: “Do you have any idea how demoralizing it is to be constantly questioned about whether you’re suicidal or not?”
”Is it because they want me to be suicidal?” (0:21)

Lily tells her friend Xavier, referring to the other girls, “Although they’re somewhat perfume-obsessed.” (0:22)

Violet tells the others, “I’m not convinced that having a suicide prevention center prevents any suicides.”

Lily, referring to the DUs: “They’re morons.”
Violet: “For somebody suicidal, like Priss, that could be a real boost.”
Priss: “I’m not suicidal.”
Violet: “It’s better not to have an identity as a suicidal person...” (0:23)

Lily: “They’re morons.”
Xavier: “Yeah, elitist morons.”
Lily: “But you’ll grant that they’re morons...”
”Violet thinks there could be some risk of suicide.”
Xavier: “Because some moronic frat boy might kill himself...?” (0:26)

Rose tells Violet, referring to Frank, “He’s a moron.” (0:31)

Lily: “Come on Violet, Frank’s a moron.”
”Frank’s not a moron?” (0:32)

Xavier tells Lily, referring to Charlie, “He was trying to get you drunk.” (0:35)

Jimbo: “You don’t have to be suicidal to get the doughnuts, just really depressed.”
Debbie: “No, clinically depressed, from a clinic.”
Jimbo asks Violet, “Would you say that you’re depressed?”
Violet: “I don’t like the term depressed.”
Debbie: “She can’t even says she’s depressed... She was really depressed...”
”To be included in the center’s programs you have to be clinically depressed. That means that you’ve been to a clinic and they’ve said that you’re depressed... then you’re not clinically depressed.” (0:37)

Another girl asks young Violet, “Are you retarded?”
Rose tells Lily, referring to Violet, “Well, she was crazy.”
”Obsessive cleanliness was part of her insanity.”
Rose describes compulsive behaviors.
Lily: “My god, that is insane.”
Rose: “What made the whole thing really sad was that her parents did die.” (0:40)

A construction worker tells Violet, “Suicides. They come down from the university, jump out in the road, get hit by the blind curve.”
”Messy people, suicides.”
Waitress: “So you’re not one of those depressed students down from the university?”
Violet: ”I don’t really like the word depressed.”
”But I’m not as crazy as I was yesterday.”
“Tell me if it provokes any particular reaction in your psyche...” (0:43)

A university cop asks Violet, “Would that be a suicide note?” (0:45)

Rose tells Violet, “My god, you really were suicidal.” (0:45)

Xavier tells Lily they should watch “Truffaut’s... Stolen Kisses.” (0:47)

Heather asks, “Could Frank be dyslexic?”
Rose: “No, dyslexics are intelligent.” (0:49)

Lily tells Violet, “You’re crazy.” (0:53)

Rose tells Lily, “A kind of moron jamboree.” (0:53)

Lily, referring to Charlie (now Fred): “How crazy. He’s completely insane.”
Violet: “I don’t think he’s crazy.”
Lily: “Making up an entirely fictitious identity, that’s not crazy? It’s insane. It’s psycho.”
Heather: ”Violet’s identity is made up. I don’t think she’s crazy.”
Heather: “It’s crazy and pathetic.” (0:57)

Fred tells Violet, “Before, homosexuality was something refined, hidden, sublimated, aspiring to the highest levels of creativity and often achieving it. Now it seems to be just a lot of musclebound morons running around in T-shirts.” (0:59)

Frank quotes Priss to Violet: “I’m so stressed, sad, depressed... She was so depressed... I’m so stressed.” (1:04)

Violet: “Yeah, it’s moronic and boorish...” (1:07)

Frank asks Violet, “We were wondering if you thought it would be okay if we stayed at the suicide center...” (1:10)

Rose asks Heather, referring to Thor, “What kind of retard is he?”
Heather: “Thor’s parents had become precocity addicts, constantly needing an ever greater precocity fix.”
Violet: ”When you have problems yourself it’s great to hear about someone else’s truly idiotic ones.”
Heather: ”When you said that about depressed people being mean, you weren’t joking.” (1:13)

Rose tells Violet, “Suicidal ed students have been going up to the roof and throwing themselves off.”
A man jumps. (1:14)repression (Lists psychoanalysis, psychodynamic psychotherapy, Parents neurotic defense mechanism | defense mechanism)

Madge asks Violet, “Are you out of your mind?” (1:16)

Violet asks Frank, “What would you say are the most effective means to fight depression?”
Frank: “Beer’s a downer.”
Violet, referring to cousin Jay: “He said that alcoholism, by which I mean the chronic excessive consumption of alcohol, is the primary self-administered treatment for depression.”
Violet: “None of the effective anti-suicide treatments involve vomiting.” (1:18)

Lily: “Highest suicide rate.” (1:20)

Lily tells Fred, “Depression calls for serious treatment. Medication, psycho-pharmaceuticals, talk therapy.”
Fred: “Despite all the medication and therapy ed school students are still throwing themselves off Robertson Hall.”
Lily, referring to Violet: “Apparently when she was 11 she went completely crazy and has had several relapses since, so it’s a little worrisome to have her counsel nearly suicidal individuals.”
Fred: ”Pretty huge Doctor Zhivago stuff.”
Xavier tells Lily, “I know I was... a bit crazy...” (1:23)

Fred tells the others, “I’m beginning to realize that the human memory is not the foolproof instrument that we sometimes imagine... everyone knew all about my obsession...” (1:27)

Violet asks Lily, “But behind coolness, isn’t there a certain repressing, squashing down or lack of cultivation of one’s humanity?”
Lily: “But does the world really want or need more such traits?” (1:31)

Sign: “Doughnuts Reserved for the Suicidal.” (1:32)