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A Dangerous Method

Keira Knightley, Viggo Mortensen, Michael Fassbender
Sigmund Freud | Carl Jung | Sandor Ferenczi | Eugen Bleuler | cocaine | Otto Gross | Sabina Spielrein
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The Burghölzli psychiatric hospital in Zürich: Psychiatrist Carl Jung introduces himself to his new patient Sabina Spielrein. (0:01)

Jung's wife Emma tells him she believes Sabina to be a good case for the "experimental treatment, the talking cure."
Jung: "What I don’t understand is why Freud, having proposed this radical therapeutic idea, this talking cure, this psychanalysis..."
"As it happens Spielrein's mother wanted to take her to see Freud." (0:05)

Jung and Sabina in session. (0:06)

Sabina reacts to Jung beating dirt off of her coat with his cane. (0:07)

A nurse tells Sabina, "I shall have to tell Professor Bleuler." (0:08)

Professor Bleuler asks Sabina, “What are your particular interests?”
Sabina: “Suicide.”
"When Dr. Jung returns I shall..." (0:09)

Jung and Sabina in session. (0:10)

Sabina, now assisting Jung, places her hands on the electrodes of what appears to be an early biofeedback device. As Emma free associates to a list of words called out by Jung Sabina records the results. Jung proposes a characterization of Emma's responses to Sabina, referring to Bleuler: "Why don’t we try a useful word invented by our Heir Director? Ambivalent." (0:11)

Jung and Sabina in session. (0:16)

Neurologist Sigmund Freud tells Jung it is "So good to meet you at long last."
Jung: "Professor Freud."
"If for instance we could come up with some milder term than libido we might not encounter such emotional resistance.."
"After the initial abreaction there was the most dramatic improvement... She’s a walking advertisement for the effectiveness of psychanalysis."
Freud corrects Jung: "Psychoanalysis."
“Those of my patients who remain fixated at the anal stage of their erotic development... compulsively tidy..."
Jung: "The masochistic aspects of her condition are much more deeply rooted than any anal fixations we may have uncovered." (0:21)

Jung tells Freud: "But might that not be caused by your insistence on an exclusively sexual interpretation of the clinical material?"
Freud: "... that all of us here in our psychoanalytical circle are Jews." (0:25)

Freud helps interpret Jung's dream.
Freud proposes aspects of the dream might represent "determined suppression of some unruly sexual desire." (0:27)

Jung and Sabina in session.
Jung: "I tried to tackle him about his obsession with sexuality, his insistence on interpreting every symptom in sexual terms." (0:30)

Sabina asks Jung, "Do you think there is any possibility I could ever be a psychiatrist?"
Jung's new patient Otto Gross snorts cocaine then rubs some on his gums. (0:32)

During a session with Jung, Gross steals a vial labeled “Pastilum Mirabil” from Jung's drawer.
Gross tells Jung, referring to his father, "And now that there’s another one on the way, admittedly by some woman I hardly know, he's apoplectic."
(referring to monogamy) “For a neurotic like myself I can't possibly imagine a more stressful concept.”
Jung: "I should have thought that some form of sexual repression..."
Gross: "Never repress anything." (0:33)

Gross asks Jung, "So you've never slept with any of your patients?"
Jung: "You have to steer through the temptations of transference and counter transference."
Gross: “When transference occurs, when the patient becomes fixated on me, I explain...”
Jung: "Do you think Freud's right? Do you think all neurosis is of exclusively sexual origin?"
Gross: "I think Freud’s obsession with sex...”
“... so much hysteria and repression."
Jung: "But not to repress yourself... "
“I’ve heard it said that you helped one of your patients to kill herself."
Gross: "She was resolutely suicidal... " (0:37)

Jung tells Gross, "I'd say the analysis was not too far from completion."
Jung tells Sabina, referring to Gross, "He’s... obsessionally neurotic...”
“... suppressing our most basic natural instincts?" (0:41)

Sabina and Jung start a sexual relastionship. (0:45)

Freud tells Jung, referring to Gross, "He's an addict."
"I have absolutely no objection to your studying telepathy or parapsychology to your heart’s content.”
"... even to raise the subjects is professional suicide."
Jung: "It’s what is known as a catalytic exteriorization phenomenon." Synchronicity?
Freud: "Telepathy..." (0:50)

Jung beats Sabina for her pleasure.(0:53)

An unidentified patient undergoes hydrotherapy observed by Jung and Freud.
Freud: "All the standard symptoms of the nymphomaniac." (0:54)

Sabina and Jung discuss boundaries. (0:58)

Sabina writes a letter, "Dear Professor Freud..." (1:00)

Freud writes a response to Sabina, "... feelings... are not best suppressed..." (1:02)

Sabina tells Jung, "I've had a letter from Professor Freud." (1:03)

Jung tells Sabina, "I'm going to America with Freud." (1:05)

Freud assists in interpreting Jung's dream, but declines to describe his own dream to Jung. (1:08)

Sabina asks Jung, "Wouldn't the ego in self-defense...”
"I’m saying that perhaps true sexuality demands the destruction of the ego.”
Jung: “In other words the opposite of what Freud proposes.”
Jung beats Sabina. (1:13)

Close-up of Sabina's dissertation on "Demenzia Praecox” lying on Freud's desk.
Freud: "Understanding and accepting that is the way to psychic health. What good can we do if our aim is simply to replace one delusion with another."
Sabina: "If you two don’t find some way to coexist it will hold back the progress of psychoanalysis..." (1:16)

Sandor Ferenczi's name appears in the credits. Do you find him attending this meeting? Elsewhere in the film? (1:21)

After a meeting Freud appears to lose consciousness and falls to the floor.
In a letter Jung writes to Freud, "... and then decide which one of us is the neurotic.”
Freud: "... which of us is the neurotic. I thought we analysts agreed that a little neurosis is nothing to be ashamed of." (1:22)

Emma tells Sabina to "analyze him."
Sabina tells Emma she plans to pursue a career in "child psychology." (1:26)

Sabina asks Jung whether his new lover Toni is "training to be an analyst?" (1:30)