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Dangerous Minds

CastMichelle Pfeiffer, George Dzundza, Courtney B. Vance, Robin Bartlett, Beatrice Winde, John Neville, Lorraine Toussaint, Renoly Santiago, Wade Dominguez, Bruklin Harris
Year released1995
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Teacher LouAnne asks teacher Hal, referring to teacher Mrs. Shepherd, “What, did you have a breakdown?”
Hal: “One of the substitutes, she had a breakdown.” (0:11)

Hal: “What a... idiot.”
”Another... idiot.” (0:24)

Student Durrell tells LouAnne, “You trippin’.” (0:28)

LouAnne tells Hal, referring to “Dylan,”
“I suppose that’s because he wrote drunk.”
Hal: “He had a drinking problem?”
LouAnne: “He was Welsh, and he drank himself to death.” (0:30)

LouAnne tells the class “Mr. Tambourine Man” is a codename for “drug dealer.”
”... you couldn’t sing about drugs.”
Student Callie: “And he’s high; he’s still high...”
Student Raul: “Yeah, he’s needs something like a big hit of crack or cocaine.” (0:32)

Student Emilio asks LouAnne, “So now you’re gonna try and ‘psychologize’ me?” (0:42)

LouAnne tells the class, referring to those not present, “They choose to go out and sell drugs.” (0:48)

Raul asks LouAnne, “Are you crazy?” (1:02)

Raul asks LouAnne, “So what’s ‘hire idiots to paint with cold light and hot shade’?”
Callie tells Raul, “... but if you go and hire an idiot to do the job, he’s gonna do it backwards.” (1:08)

LouAnne tells assistant principal Carla, “This makes me crazy.” (1:08)

LouAnne tells Callie, referring to her ex-husband, ”He beat me.” (1:13)

Student Angela tells LouAnne, “There’s this crackhead named Shorty.” (1:17)

LouAnne tells Emilio, referring to another student, “... if you tell Mr. Grandey... about his being on crack, he’ll be turned over to the juvenile court for drug abuse in school... by the time he’s gotten detoxed he’ll have gotten over trying to kill you.” (1:19)

Grieving herself, LouAnne tells the students about the death of Emilio. (1:23)

Hal tells LouAnne, “You gotta be crazy to stay here and teach these program classes.”
”I’m crazy.” (1:29)

Callie tells LouAnne, “You’re not the one who’s raging. We’re the ones who’re raging...”
LouAnne: “I’m your drug dealer?” (1:30)

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