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Dangerous Moves

Michel Piccoli, Alexandre Arbatt, Leslie Caron, Liv Ullmann, Wojciech Pszoniak, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Daniel Olbrychski, Hubert Saint-Macary, Michel Aumont, Pierre Michael, Serge Avedikian, Pierre Vial, Bernhard Wicki, Jacques Boudet, Benoît Régent
Spoiler alert
Blog entry

Chess master Pavius tells chess master Felton, referring to chess master Barabal, “He’s an alcoholic.” (0:13)

His teammate Miller tells the others, referring to Pavius, “He’s off his rocker.” (0:17)

Akiva tells Barabal, “That’s idiotic.” (0:20)

Miller: “You’re crazy, Pavius.” (0:31)

Pavius tells the judge, referring to Prof. Polotin, “He’s hypnotizing me.”
”I’m the one he’s hypnotizing.”
”He’s a parapsychologist.” (0:44)

Pavius tells Barabal, “You’re drunk.” (0:56)

Akiva’s teammate Tac-Tac tells Pavius’ wife Marina, “Neither escape nor suicide is a solution.” (1:13) 

Marina tells Pavius, “‘Depressive and antisocial’ they called it at the hospital.”
”I’m not crazy.” (1:21)

Pavius opens a pill bottle Marina and tells her, “Try and sleep.” (1:26)

Marina tells Pavius, “I need the drugs.” (1:34)