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Danny Collins

Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale, Christopher Plummer, Josh Peck
Sylvia Plath | cocaine
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Folk singer Danny Collins insufflates a line of cocaine from a mirror. (0:04, 0:12)

His manager Frank Grubman asks Danny, "Hey, Sylvia Plath, are you okay?" (0:07)

Frank tells Danny, "... You look perfectly normal standing next to a coked-up teenager..."
Referring to a letter from John Lennon: ”It's crazy, right?” (0:13)

Hotel manager Mary Sinclair asks Danny, "I'm sorry, are you on drugs?" (0:23)

Danny flushes his cocaine down the toilet. (0:24)

Danny tells Frank, "Some of the changes may come as a bit of a shock."
Frank: ”Are you on something?”
Danny: ”No more drinking, no more drugging.
Frank: ”Danny, you're having a breakdown.”
Danny: ”One shot at a time, Frank.” (0:25)

Samantha Lee Donnelly tells Danny, referring to her daughter Hope, "Or severely hyperactive, you know -- ADHD, it's the thing." (0:34)

Danny's son Tom Donnelly tells Danny, "I'm a little confused..."
Referring to Tom's mother: ”She died of cancer 10 years ago... It was a wild thing she did when she was 23 and got drunk backstage after one of your concerts...” (0:38)

Mary asks Danny, "When a famous musician starts getting fall-down drunk in a hotel, and you're the manager of that hotel, is there a protocol on how to handle the situation?... we have had a shortage of fall down drunk musicians lately..."
”I'm a little giddy.”
”That's insane.” (0:41)

Mary tells Danny, "You're nervous." (0:47)

Danny reads to Tom and Samantha, referring to a school, "It's got a multimodal approach toward treating children with learning issues, particularly ADHD." (0:50)

Danny tells Tom, "You know, when I met your mom, I was so strung out on god-knows-what... my life... was so full of drugs and women..."
”Are you crazy?” (0:58)

Danny tells Mary, "You know, every part of me right now would like to just go in there and get soused with you." (1:03)

John tells Danny, "And now, whenever I see a noodle, I think of my fat slob of an uncle eating a worm, and it freaks me out."
Danny: ”What kind of uncle screws up a little kid, makes him phobic about chicken noodle soup?” (1:05)

Danny tells Frank, "And the bonus is that, uh, I won't think about killing myself every night." (1:12)

Mary asks Danny, "Are you nervous?"
Danny: ”I'm never nervous.”
”But I'm nervous now.” (1:16)

Sophie's boyfriend Judd snorts cocaine. Danny snorts lines of cocaine from his framed letter. (1:21)

Valet Nicki tells Danny, "Don't even worry about it." (1:26)

Mary tells Danny, "You are... crazy." (1:28)

Frank tells Tom, "You know when I was in my thirties, I started drinking, heavily. Long line of drunks in my family... Danny.. 5 in the morning he shows up at the San Jose police station, whacked out of his skull... He drives me six hours to this Hollywood rehab joint, drunker than I'd been the night before... He visited me every Saturday until I got dry... Got me stone cold sober and was three sheets to the wind the whole time he was doing it." (1:32)

Danny tells Tom, referring to Dr. Kurtz, "Next thing you know, he's shooting you up with some stuff that makes you throw up..." (1:39)