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Dark Eyes (1987)

Marcello Mastroianni, Elena Safonova, Martha Keller
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Her mother tells Elisa Patroni, "You’re full of worries."
: ”It’s obvious now, you worry more about him than about your mother.” (0:14)

Elisa’s mother asks the others, "Have you seen that idiot Margherita?" (0:16)

Romano tells his wife, "Elisa, you’re out of your mind." (0:24)

A nurse tells Romano, "The general gets drunk every night... Confusion everywhere." (0:30)

Tina tells Romano, "Don’t worry." (0:34)

Romano: "I’ll kill myself!" (0:39)

Fellow passenger Pavel “Paolo” Alekseev tells Romano, "Well, when she tried to commit suicide, and she almost succeeded." (0:42)

Anna tells Romano, "My mother had died... The only option was... or throw myself out of the window...Think of your father who’ll stop drinking."
Romano, referring to an officer: ”He had a visit from... dead drunk... If you hadn't mixed beer with cognac, you wouldn’t be drunk...” (0:53)

Anna’s letter to Romano, "You’re so intelligent..." (1:03)

An old friend tells Romano, "You’re out of your mind."
Romano: ”Don’t worry. I haven’t gone mad...” (1:06)

Romano tells Paolo, referring to Manlio, "At first he thought I’d gone mad." (1:07)

Anna’s husband, the governor of Sysoyev, Modest Petrovich, tells Romano "Now if it’s not a crook or a drunkard like our sergeant... it’s a madman like this Konstantina..." (1:28)

Veterinarian Konstantin tells Romano, "... I probably succeeded only in putting you in a bad mood."
”Don’t think that I’m mad.” (1:41)

Konstantin tells Romano, "They all take me for a madman here."
”They take me for a madman.” (1:44)

A man tells Romano, "Yes, but don’t worry." (1:52)

His daughter Claudia tells Romano, "You’ve just arrived, and already you’re shouting like a madman." (1:53)

Romano tells Manlio, "Don’t worry." (1:56)

Paolo tells Romano, "... even when she attempted suicide, when I stopped her... she was unconscious for five days... So I started drinking heavily..." (2:05)

A waiter asks Romano, "Have you lost your mind?" (2:09)