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Dark Floors

William Hope, Leon Herbert, Ronald Pickup, Philip Bretherton, Noah Huntley, Dominique McElligott, Skye Bennett, Lordi
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Physician Walter tells patient Sarah’s father Ben, “You can’t just push a button and get a diagnosis... we have to go through all the causes for her symptoms...”
Sarah perseverates: “I want the red crayon. I want the red crayon...” (0:05)

Nurse Emily tells Ben, referring to Sarah, “We’re trying a new drug on her.” (0:08)

Emily: “There should be patients here...” (0:11)

The nurse tells Jon, “We’re testing her on a new drug for epilepsy.”
Ben: “Who gave you permission to test this new drug on her?”
Emily: ”Well, unlike the other drug, this drug won’t damage her liver.” (0:13)

Jon: “Maybe they hit a gas pipe, and we’re all high and hallucinating.”
Rick: “Hallucinating the same thing at the same time?”
Jon: “No, it could be that I’m hallucinating all of this and all of you.”
”This is just some mass psychosis.” (0:26)

Patient Tobias places the muzzle of security guard Rick’s pistol against his head, ready to kill himself. (0:30)

Jon tells Ben, referring to Sarah, “If we didn’t have to drag that retarded kid around with us we might be out of here already.”
Ben: “Mass psychosis, huh?” (0:33)

Jon tells Rick, “Come on, Rambo.” (0:36)